Woman Delayed At Clinic Just Misses The 443 Bus Accident


A charedi woman, a resident of Modi’in Illit, was quite upset yesterday due to the long lines and slow service at a clinic she was visiting. The woman’s perspective changed, however, when she realized that the excessive wait caused her to miss her bus – which turned out to be the 443 bus that flipped over and injured over 40 people, killing two.

After the miracle became clear, she returned with a basket of chocolates and handed it to the nurse at the Kupat Cholim.

“It turned out that she missed the bus that turned over,” said Maccabi Health Services Marketing Director Moshe Schlesinger. “She heard about the fatal accident and was so moved she decided to buy a gift for the secretary who delayed her.”


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  1. I don’t think returning with a basket of chocolates was the appropriate thing to do given that this horrific tragedy brought anguish and unfathomable pain to so many others that were affected by this. I understand how she must feel in that hashgacha played out for her but nonetheless a personal feeling of gratitude would have been the appropriate way to express it. Imagine how the others that were affected by this tragedy when they learn how she reacted to her near miss and delivered a basket of chocolates to the person that she feel saved the day for her how they must feel. That’s my feelings others are welcome to disagree…

  2. The chocolates aren’t the problem in my opinion – if done correctly, bringing chocolate (quietly) to the nurse she was mad at yesterday as a way of showing “I was angry at you for no reason, now I see you were Hashem’s shaliach to delay me and my anger was misplaced” can be okay. Posting this “story” in a public forum bothers me more — okay, so the wonderful people who were killed and injured…. that’s where they went wrong? That they didn’t get delayed in a clinic?!

    I know you can say the same about Holocaust survivors sharing their stories of Hashgacha and salvation, but virtually none of them came out unscathed, even while they survived their nearest and dearest didn’t, so their accounts are usually full of references to all those who lost their lives while Hashgacha saved theirs. Here, the story seems very hunky-dory, she waited in line, missed the bus, yay, it saved her life…. totally missing the sensitivity to those who made it. Just my small opinion….

  3. It was VERY GOOD that she recognized her Chiyuv of Hakores HaTov (her obligation of appreciation) to the clinic secretary and brought her a nice little gift of a box of chocolates, and, of course, if she had before shown the secretary any annoyance or anger, she certainly must apologize to her for that. This (bringing the box of chocolates) has absolutely NOTHING to do with, Chas V’Shalom, any insensitivity to the many victims of the horrific crash, but is rather, as I just explained, her serious obligation of Hakores HaTov.

    At the same time, an integral PART of her Hakores HaTov obligation is that she must keenly realize that she is the epitome of a “survivor,” and, as such a “survivor par excellence,” she absolutely must show very great sensitivity and sympathy to the many victims. If the two women, Alayhen HaShalom, who died did not yet have their Levaiyos, she definitely must attend the Levaiyos and bitterly weep and cry together with the women’s families and friends. She should further perform Nichum Aveilim (condolence of the mourners) during the Shivas and attend the Hakamas Matzeivos (the dedications of the gravestones) and at least some of the further Hespeidim & Azkaros (further eulogies & memorial programs).

    Probably above all, she definitely should try to try to help the two bereaved families in whatever appropriate way that she can. Certainly with the numerous injured victims, she should visit them in the hospitals and try to help their families in whatever appropriate way she can.

  4. (Continuation of my previous remark)

    Of course, as noted here within the second comment, her biggest obligation of Hakores HaTov is to Hashem, and thus she must always, for her entire life, enthusiastically pour out & express the very greatest Thanks to Him. She needs to consult with a Rav who is a Poseik to know if there is here a Chiyuv of Bentching Gomel: that her husband at Shul upon the next Kerias HaTorah, needs to go to the Bima and say the special B’racha of Gomel.

  5. Our Torah literature repeatedly discusses this phenomenon of that what would APPEAR to be a misfortune was in reality the means by which the victim was saved from a horrendous calamity. One of the examples given is that of someone who is trying to go to the port to board a ship for a planned trip. As he is walking there though, he steps on a large thorn, which cuts into his foot; obviously, with such an injury, he cannot walk any further. So now, he must take care of his foot (either by he himself performing “first aid” or by somehow getting to a medical facility where a medical professional will remove the thorn, clean out the cut, and put a good bandage on it). By the time he is able to resume his walk and arrive at the port, the ship has already left — without him!

    Understandably, he thinks that this is a huge loss. However, he later learns that, that ship had either some kind of massive accident or was wreaked by some kind of wicked sabotage and sunk out in the middle of the ocean. So he realizes that the pain of that thorn pricking his foot had saved him from drowning in frigid turbulent water!

    Here, was exactly the same kind of case: The woman realizes that the annoying slow doctor clinic had saved her from getting, Chas V’Shalom, severely slashed up or even killed in a massive bus crash.

  6. Whoa, these comments sound more like a cult or communist culture where one is shot for stepping out of line under the guise “I care about you and need to point out faults”. Why are we raising our kids to be in a conformist monolithic mindset instead of simplicity such as: love all your fellow Jews, keep the Torah but using your own divine/ instowed bechira and keep unity amongst our people. It’s instead like a conformist mafia mindset.

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