Woman Caught at Ben Gurion With Suitcase of Smuggled Esrogim


An Ashdod woman flew in from Barcelona and notified Ben Gurion airport officials that her suitcase was lost. After its location, the suitcase was X-rayed and found to contain 40 smuggled esrogim.

People traveling to Israel are allowed to bring in one esrog but must show it to agricultural inspectors at point of entry to ensure it harbors no agricultural pests.

To prevent disappointment, the Agricultural Ministry compensates people whose arba minim they confiscate with a fresh set from Eretz Yisroel.

{Matzav.com Israel}


    • Why not.
      If you smuggled into Nazi germany would you say it’s a problem lehalacha.
      Lubavitcher Rebbe smuggled an estrog across Nazi occupied territory. Other rebbes did illegal menouvers to save people or carry out mitzvahs.

  1. So will price gouging be in full swing, again, this year? The shyster esrog dealers are allowed to get away with anything. Choshen mishpat doesn’t apply to them. They are above Halachic law. Their sorry excuse is that they want to make sure that WE are mikayem hiddur. So that’s good enough reason to jack up the price and prey on the most guillibe amongst us. A pox on their houses.

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