With Pain and Shame


Dear Editor,

It is with utmost בושה that I am writing to you this letter, in requesting your help and support before the coming חג הפסח.
These last 3 years have been brutally hard on me financially. My home for many years has been an open house כפשוטו, where 15 to 20 guests at our Shabbos table has been the norm for years, ב”ה.
Unfortunately, I have stumbled upon real difficult times, and we have ב”ה had the opportunity many times over to be מקיים what is says עשה שבתך חול ואל תצטרך לבריות.
No, I am not complaining at all. ב”ה we have our Gizunt which is way more then others that do not have monetary issues can say Nebach.
Yes, Yidden are רחמנים בני רחמנים, nevertheless my family’s Kovod, especially with grown children, is very important to me, and hence even my closest of friends have no clue as to difficulties of our current financial situation.
Purim we were ב”ה able to be מקיים the מצוה of משלוח מנות after receiving first משלוח מנות from others and then rearranging the contents into several different and smaller packages.
Our בטחון in ‘ה is what sustains us, and we know that it is a גלגל החוזר, and ב”ה I believe that there is a ray of light and hope shining at the end of the tunnel, which is starting to become somewhat more visible by the day.
However, as the Chag is just around the corner and we simply are at wits end simply just for the basic of basics that a Yid needs to be מקיים the מצוות החג, I bashfully turn to you with utmost shame and humility if there is any possibility that you can get us any financial support for צרכי החג.
I will not divulge my family’s name, and if you cannot help us out unless you know who we are, then I must say that I understand you 100%, but I will not for the sake of my children (and somewhat for my own self respect as well) share that information, and I will rely that רווח והצלה will come but differently and from elsewhere, and I will absolutely have no hard feelings against you and yours.
I have created this email, [email protected], specifically for this letter as I wish to remain anonymous, and I hope you will be able to appreciate it.
Zie Gizunt, and הצלחה רבה and חג הפסח כשר ושמח.
Yours truly,
Mekabel Beahavah 


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