Winner Of Fiveishmobile Picks Up His Prize


fiveish-mobile-1Yesterday, Oorah presented the winner of the Fiveishmobile from the 2012 auction with his car.

Fiveish himself handed over the keys to the winner from Passaic, NJ, Mr. Boruch “Burry” Gross.

Mr. Gross picked up the vehicle from Oorah’s headquarters in Lakewood, NJ.

See below for photos:

Click here for video.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Boy Oh boy. Congratulations to the winner!

    Do they give him a Feivish costume, should he ever want to avoid embarrassment while driving? 🙂

  2. Wow! He got a car to match his tie! Cool!
    Furr gezunteheit!
    Remember: B’derech Hatorah Neileich Lekaddesh Shem Shomayim!!!

    Just curious: How many miles can you go for $5-ish worth of gas?

  3. Actually Baruchis David’s son. A fine family, Baalei Chessed and Baalei Middos Tovos.

    Well-deserved, and hopefully lots of fun!!

    Enjoy, and use it to continue to do more Mitzvos!! (Not much room for “chapping” a hitch in it, though)


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