Winner of Bais Hatavshil $10,000 Raffle


bais-hatavshilBais Hatavshil of Lakewood held its $10,000 raffle this week and the winner is…the Levy family of Lakewood. The raffle was arranged to garner support to ensure that the Bais Hatavshil can continue to feed the hungry.

When we hear of hunger we think of faraway third world countries. We don’t think it happens close to home. However, those at the Bais Hatavshil of Lakewood are witness that it does. Their motto, “Anyone who is hungry shall come and eat,” is testimony that there are very many who are really hungry in our midst.The Bais Hatavshil of Lakewood opened its doors back in the summer of 2007 and every night of the year is literally “sold out” with over 150 people taking advantage of their five-course hot dinner. They are lonely people, divorcees, bachelors, married men whose wives may be ill or just gave birth, and many who come from abroad to try to solicit funds for themselves and worthy institutions. The Bais Hatavshil volunteers never ask questions.

Thanks to all who participated in the raffle.

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