Wing Breaks On El Al Plane In Amsterdam, None Hurt


A small accident at Schiphol airport left an El Al plane grounded due to slight damage to its wing this morning, the Netherland Times reports.

The Boeing 737 was scheduled to fly from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv. There were about 150 people aboard.

When the plane was pulled back out of the gate, one of its wings hit a fence, causing a crack in the winglet – the vertical section of the wing.

The passengers and crew left the plane. No one was injured. They will fly to Tel Aviv after Shabbos Kodesh.



  1. The plane can fly just fine without the winglet, I’ve seen pictures of planes flying with one winglet missing. it doesn’t provide any lift, just increases fuel efficiency. They can’t fly with it cracked like that though, it could break off mid-flight and cause damage. If they can’t have it repaired onsite they will remove it and fly it home (probably empty) and fix it there.

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