Windsor Heights Jewish Center Defaced with Anti-Semitic Grafitti


jewsThe newly inaugurated Chabad Jewish Center in Windsor Heights was defaced with anti-semitic grafitti yesterday, during the early morning hours. The Jewish Center is located at 1266 Prospect Avenue,  between Reeve Place and Greenwood Avenue, in Brooklyn, NY. The hate crime shocked Brooklynites as a vile villain scrawled an obscene anti-Semitic missive across a sign in front of the Windsor Terrace Jewish center. The two-word graffiti message was written in permanent marker.

At a press conference called yesterday afternoon, Rabbi Moshe Hecht issued the following statement:

“The defacement of our preschool and synagogue comes as a terrible shock to me, the members of my congregation, the families in our preschool, and the Windsor Terrace community at large.

“Unfortunately, there is no shortage of hate-filled people in the world. The fact that there such individuals who have come here to our home community, who are looking to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation for us gives us all great cause for concern.

“The Chabad Jewish Center was established to be a source of inspiration and education to both the Jewish community and the public. Since we moved into this neighborhood about one year ago, our neighbors have shown us outstanding warmth and acceptance. This is a peaceful and tolerant community, and hatred and bigotry will not find a home here.

“We are now preparing for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which is the holiest day of the year. The Jewish community of Windsor Terrace will spend the holiday in a spirit of hope, enlightenment and inspiration. We have every intention of spreading more good and kindness in our community in response to this hatred.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Praise G-d for all of you, while it is true there is no shortage of hateful people in this world I feel there is a shortage of good people like you bearing forth Torah before the world. May the L-rd greatly bless in through these High Holy days and throughout this New Year. Shalom.


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