Win For BMG in Court


The N.J. Supreme Court ruled last week that the N.J. Constitution does not categorically prohibit grants to sectarian institutions such as Beis Medrash Govoah and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Two years ago, the Appellate Division ruled that the State Constitution barred State grants to BMG and PTS.  The Appellate Division reasoned that the N.J. Supreme Court’s 1978 decision in Resnick v. East Brunswick Township Board of Education did not allow for such State funding.

The N.J. Supreme Court disagreed with the Appellate Division and vacated the Appellate Division ruling.  The Court found that “Resnick’s broad summary language about religious organizations should not be misconstrued,” and that “the issue decided in Resnick is not the same as the question presently before us.”

The Supreme Court concluded that Resnick does not prohibit the awards made by the State to institutions such as BMG and PTS, and vacated the decision of the Appellate Division that had banned the grants to BMG and PTS.  The Court remanded the case back to the Secretary of Education for a clarification of the factual record.

Rabbi Aron Kotler, BMG’s president, said that the yeshiva is “ever grateful to Mr. Avi Schick, who has served as tireless pro bono counsel on this matter for us.”

He added that, “while we still have a final hurdle to clear before we see this funding, the decision is a central and critical one in favor of religious equality, significantly advancing the rights of sectarian institutions in New Jersey.”



  1. The original decision, prohibiting aid, was a product of ACLU litigation. Once again, it showed itself to be anti-religion, as opposed to pro-civil rights. Remember: if it’s liberal, it’s anti-religion [except for those who decapitate], anti-Israel, and probably anti-Semitic.

    B”H, it had its face ground in the mud today.


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