Win a Ticket to Israel EACH Day of Chanukah from Oorah!


oorah-tickets-to-israelEnter the Oorah Auction TODAY and you could win a trip to Israel every day of Chanukah in Oorah’s Earlybird Raffle. (That’s eight flights up for grabs in case you can’t do the math.) Enter the Auction before 11/28 for a chance at all eight flights. You can still enter on Chanukah for a chance at the remaining tickets. With eight flights given away, there’s a good chance you’ll win one!

And what could be a better Chanukah present than a trip to Israel? Whether it’s the hot falafel or the avirah of kedusha that appeals to you, no one can refuse the chance to visit the Holy Land. From touring archeological digs and historical landmarks to davening at mekomos hakedoshim to enjoying the beaches, there’s something for everyone in this special country.

Oorah’s Eight Nights, Eight Flights raffle is a bonus for early bird donors who enter the Auction by or on Chanukah. You know you’re going to enter anyway; enter NOW and win a trip to Israel too! You still get all those $5 Auction tickets for so many incredible prizes, and on top of that, you could be the winner of a trip to Israel! Or eight!But you really have to act fast- Chanukah is less than a week away! Enter the Oorah Auction NOW and win big. Start planning your dream trip to Israel, courtesy of Oorah.

So hurry, click here to enter now before this amazing offer expires.

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