Will Yussi Rieder Run Against Greenfield?


yussi-riederDavid Feedlander of City Hall News reports: Yussi Rieder, a wealthy Boro Park community activist, is considering mounting a run against newly elected Council Member David Greenfield, according toseveral sources that have spoken with him.Rieder, a real estate developer, hails from one of the most prominent neighborhood families and serves on the board of local Jewish Community Council.

Rieder has donated heavily to politicians over both parties, sending over $10,000 to Sens. Joe Lieberman, George Allen, Frank Lautenberg, as well as Rep. Ed Towns over the past two election cycles.

“He is very wealthy,” said one Boro Park source. “If he wanted to self-fund, he could self-fund 10 races in a row.”

Reider is considering whether or not to run in a Democratic primary in September or to seek multiple lines in November, according to a source who discussed the matter with him.

Reider did not return several phone calls for comment.

Greenfield won a contentious special election for the City Council in March after incumbent Simcha Felder resigned to become a deputy comptroller under John Liu. Rieder backed Greenfield’s opponent Joe Lazar, who was also backed by local political Assembly Member Dov Hikind, the local kingmaker. Greenfield has to run for election to the remainder of the term in the fall.

Greenfield won with the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but has surprised several local community groups by publicly clashing with the administration over its slashing of funding for day care centers and after-school programs.

“Rieder is well-respected, he is exactly the type of person you would want on the community board,” said one local activist.

{City Hall News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Yossi,

    I know you well.

    You are a great person. i see the many times how you give tzedakeh.

    I have heard many great things about you over the years.

  2. Mr. Rieder is a TzadiK who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own so that he can help you. He has helped thousands of yidden , and most of the time you never heard anything about it. His days are spent not on his issues but on your issues and problems. He does so much for you and is the personification of Osek Betzorchei tzibbur bemunah.

  3. Yossi Reider is a “ish chushiv”. I don’t think there is anyone in Boro Park who has done as much chesed as he has without any fanfare strictly “lshem shumayim, shelo al menas lekabel pras”. Ask anyone that has worked with him in business if this guy is the most honest Boro Park has ever produced.
    Yossi is known to help the tzibur and individual “b’tzinu”.

  4. We are all aware of many things that he does yet he never takes credit for it. It is astounding to see how every Rebbe, Rosh Hayeshiva, here in Eretz Yisroel have so much respect and admiration for him.


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