Will Nissim Black Represent Israel at Eurovision?


Nissim Baruch Black, the 30-year-old Hassidic recording artist behind the albums Nissim and Lemala, competed Sunday night for the chance to represent Israel at next year’s Eurovision contest.

Born as Damian Jamohl Black to a Muslim family in Seattle, Black began his spiritual journey as a teenager, converting to Christianity when he was 14, before drifting towards Messianic Judaism.

He emigrated to Israel in 2016 with his wife, where he continues his music career under the moniker, “Nissim”. Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Didn’t israrl withdraw from Eurovision participation? Can we get our facts straight. Also what is Messianic Judaism? Did he convert to real Judaism after that? Why confusion in this article.

  2. Nissim Black completely rejected Christianity in any form, including that Messianic Judaism bilbulei seichel. The article jumped from that to saying he made aliyah, but the missing part is that he eventually realized the falsehood of anything not purely monotheistic and underwent a 100% kosher conversion long before making aliyah and is a dedicated Yid in every way.


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