Will Donald Trump Continue to Tweet as President?


In his upcoming interview with 60 Minutes, President-Elect Donald Trump said that he might not use Twitter as much in the future as he did when he was running his campaign, MEDIAITE reports.

Throughout the last year and a half, Trump has drawn fire for some of the more pointed and controversial things he said on social media. During their conversation together, Lesley Stahl asked him about whether he’d still be active on Twitter and using it in the same way in the future.

Trump praised the site as “a modern form of communication” that helps him “get the word out” to his large online following directly. Trump also waxed on about how the site has been great for him whenever he needed to bash media outlets and news stories that he doesn’t care for.

When Stahl pressed on and asked if Trump would keep doing that as president, Trump said “I’m gonna do very restrained, if I use it at all. I’m going to be very restrained.” The mogul also credited his large social media following for his victory, particularly in states where his opposition was outspending him in their get-out-the-vote efforts. Read more at MEDIAITE.




  1. if president-elect trump sees that the media is continuing their biased, unfair reporting then what is wrong with him resorting to tweeting to get the truth out? why is that such a no-no? let the media get their act together and i guarantee that trumps’s tweeting will come to end.


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