Wikileaks: US Consulate Believed That Gavriel And Rivka Holtzberg HYD Were Taken Wounded To A Hospital


holtzbergNew York – During the siege on Mumbai – Shabbos marked the third anniversary of its start – the US Consulate in the city were informed that Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg were taken to a hospital unconscious and their son is safe, Wikileaks documents reveal. It also shows that during one point after Nariman House were cleared, the consulate was unable to locate the body of Leibish Teitelbaum HYD in the morgue with other victims, and it searched for the body in hospitals and morgues.

The first sitrep (situation reports) was created on Thursday 8:34 am. Assuming that this the local Indian time, it was less than 12 hours after the beginning of the siege. At that early stage, the consulate only had indirect information about the situation in the Nariman house. They wrote: “According to the Israeli Consulate, terrorists attacked a family of three at a Jewish religious and cultural center, two of whom are dual U.S-Israeli citizens, near the Trident/Oberoi hotels; Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg (Amcit) and his wife Rivkah are unconscious and have been taken to the hospital, while their son, Moshe (3 – Amcit), is unharmed.”

Several hours later, the Consulate already dispatched officers to the scene, and they learned a different story. “Police officials told the Consul General four hostages held in the building, including Israeli-American Gavriel Holtzberg, his Israeli wife, Rikvah, and two rabbinical students, have been killed,” the sitrep reported. The students refer to Teitelbaum and Benzion Kruman. It shows that the police believed them to be dead by Thursday noon.

A cable created on Sabbath night, 10:12 PM, reports: “Five Amcits Confirmed Dead:  Amcits Sandeep Jeswani, Ben Zion Chroman, Rabbil Gavriel Holtzberg, and Alan and Naomi Scherr.  NOK has been notified in all cases but Holtzberg, whose family cannot be notified during Shabbat due to religious beliefs.  Conoffs will make the official notification to the Holtzberg family, who are lodging with the Isreali CG in Mumbai, after sunset Saturday.”

It further states:

“Police reported to CG that Amcit Aryeh Teitelbaum was killed by terrorists in the Nariman House attack but conoffs were unable to locate his body at the morgue where Nariman House victims were reportedly taken.  RSO and Conoffs are following up with local authorities and will continue to search for Teitelbaum in local hospitals and morgues.”

(CG stands for Consulate General; Amcit is American Citizen; conoffs our Council Officers; RSO is Regional Security Officer, a consulate position; NOK – next of kin.)

6:34 Sabbath morning, the body was located, the consulate reported: “Amcit Aryeh Teitelbaum was positively identified to ARSO/I and Conoff by official Israeli personnel, becoming the sixth confirmed Amcit killed. The Israeli CG is headed to the morgue again to meet the body and two others from Nariman House.  Due to the same Shabat restrictions discussed in the Holtzberg case, we will not be making the notification until after sunset Mumbai time.  At the request of the families for religious reasons, the Israelis will handle the repatriation of Teitelbaum, Holtzberg and Chroman.”

The consulate sent nine sitreps between the 27th and the 30th of November. All, but the 5th, were leaked several months when the wikileaks password was deciphered, giving access to over a quarter million files.

{Orthodox Pundit/ Newscenter}



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