Wikileaks Betting ‘$1M & Editor’s Head’ Against Guardian Claims That Manafort Met Assange


After the Guardian released an anonymously-sourced report on Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s alleged meetings with Julian Assange, Wikileaks says it was asked for comment, but its denial was not included in the article.

The report by Guardian’s Luke Harding claims that Manafort, who managed US President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and is currently in jail on related charges, met with Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange three times during Assange’s ongoing exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Except the meetings didn’t happen, Wikileaks says. The whistleblowing website is so adamant about this, it’s willing to bet “a million dollars and its editor’s head” on it.

“Remember this day when the Guardian permitted a serial fabricator to totally destroy the paper’s reputation. @WikiLeaks is willing to bet the Guardian a million dollars and its editor’s head that Manafort never met Assange.”


Read more at RT.



  1. WikiLeaks can be trusted because their disclosures have been proven to be all true since they started.
    The Guardian is another Fake News junk media, like CNN, WaPo and the likes, which will all be in the dustbin of history once President Trump’s Worldwide Network will go into effect. Waiting anxiously.


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