Wife of Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Tries to Refute Antisemitism Claims: ‘One of Our Attorneys Is a Jew’


Kayla Moore — the wife of beleaguered Alabaman Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore — tried on Monday to deflect antisemitism claims against the two.

“Fake news would tell you that we don’t care for Jews,” Moore — whose husband is dogged by accusations of misconduct — said at a rally in Midland City. “And I tell you all this because I’ve seen it and I just want to set the record straight while they’re here. One of our attorneys is a Jew. We have very close friends that are Jewish, and rabbis, and we also fellowship with them.”

by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff



  1. With this election and this candidate under a microscope, it’s highly unlikely that any anti-Semitic or racist comments and/or incidents in Roy Moore’s history would have remained hidden. Even quoting just part of Mrs. Moore’s statement in this article’s headline makes her sound tone-deaf, which isn’t fair because her full quote sounds much better.

  2. I like the stereotype of Jewish lawyers because I am one. Bet he has a Jewish doctor also. Trump said that he only trusts his $ with those guys who wear yarmulkes

  3. Fear G-d. The obvious is so obvious.

    The “jew” lawyer is said. He is jewish. They understand. Chrxst redeemed them.

    Great luck. Fellowship with those who are uncircumcised and eat pork. Abraham Avinu sits up in his fast generation.

    We were waiting. The coming of Roy Moore. Take all your jew friends and have a strong vote. Negative market on the house.

    Gold for my shoes. Wow.

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