Video: Wieder: Enough is Enough with Anti-Orthodox Rhetoric


Rockland County legislator Aron Wieder recently addressed the alarming rise of anti-Orthodox Jewish and anti-Chassidic chatter on social media, especially on Facebook pages of government officials and employees.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I would like to see some examples. I can make the negativity lessened if I have a chance to daven for the specific limit of the negativity that is reported. What are we discussing?

    In my feelings, I have had anti-orthodox experiences with the reform and conservative.

    The reform are very apt to tell you “I am not orthodox and I do not want to be orthodox”. They will not let you discuss Torah values and they will not even consent to thinking that G-d is fame or reality for Israel.

    The conservative are very sad. They are not doom-safe and their mixed seating is so well defended by their hate culture that the very word orthodox is shunned by many who say “I am your jewish friend who has it all together and I do not need your ‘judgment’ about my ‘values'”. They do not welcome Torah discussion and they are very angry when you tell them that you are trying to help them understand the priorities of Israel.

    I have seen a lot so far. Anti-orthodox hate is very profound and it is a clear negativity that we must combat as we try to find kiruv to help Israel become right in our future.

    This is concerning.

    The ball game is to discuss Torah. We are jews.


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