Why Every Jew Must Vote for Donald Trump




  1. Saying it does not make it so. Trump is a huckster in the great tradition of P.T. Barnum. With him, everything is negotiable. Most independent fact checkers refute 70% of his claims. Check ’em. We would elect Putin’s pet at our peril. Clinton may not be a great choice. But she is at least competent. Trump, not so much.

    • There is a basic difference between the two of them. With Hillary, you know what you’re getting and it isn’t good. She is a corrupt crook. With Trump, you get a blowhard, but he is basically honest. There is at least a chance that Trump will do a great job as President. With Hillary, there is absolutely no chance. That alone is why you should be voting for Trump.

    • How do you figure that Hillary is the least bit competent?!?! What did she accomplish in all her years of office and if she couldn’t do anything then what makes you think anything will change? Not to mention all her best friends are terrorists… Before you vote, you need to ask yourself-Do u want terrorists flooding the country murdering Jews??? They already started blowing up buses in America with their numbers now-can you imagine what they could do if Hillary lets them all into America??? Just a few things to think about before you vote tomorrow…

  2. Bsd. The Republican Team as individuals and as a team and the Republican Platform is consistent with the first Rashi of Breishit. A Palestinian State is not. The Democratic Team surrounding Hillary and Hillary and the Obama Administration of which she has been very much a part of are empowering and or closely afiliated with enemies of Israel. Dont be blind and a useful idiot.

  3. I see no heter to vote for Trump, he supported partial birth abortion when there was no political intensive to oppose it, he opposed North Carolina’s law stopping men from going into women’s bathrooms, and if you don’t care about God’s issues, he even supported a law that would mandate Israel pay back every single cent that America ever gave Israel.
    This is a guy who has been on both sides of every single issue, and at his most left has in fact been more left then Hilary many times.

    Every good Jew should not vote for the top 4 leading candidates

      • To an anonymous coward who chooses not to announce his or her name. Who are either of you to say who is or is not a “good jew”. DT is a bigot, a racist, a liar who in every sense of the word and has only one commitment that he will ever fulfill and that is to himself. He is supported by white supremacists,
        neo-nazi groups & the KKK.
        As a Jewish woman, I am horrified and ashamed that you would ask other Jews to vote for DT. Moreover, how can you possibly believe the garbage that comes out of his mouth. 74% of what he spews is not truthful, a lie. This info has been fact checked and proven to be lies. He has respect for anyone except the almighty $$$ nor does he have any integrity. You and others like you indicate that you’re satisfied to align yourselves with a liar, a cheat, and not a philanthropic bone in his body. He has given nothing to no one and his businesses were built on the backs of all the people and small business owners who trusted him to pay his bills when work
        Was completed and then never paid them. Do you know any great business men or women who declared six bankruptcies? If you lie with filth, you are filth. No Difference

        • My mother was a senior citizen working for Donald Trump back when he was in charge of the Trump Castle Casino in Atlantic City she was just a receptionist for a small Department but she told me how he walked up to her and put his arm on the back of a chair and asked her how she was doing and was just speaking very nicely to her my mother was 65 years old of the time she has since passed away. She had nothing but admiration for how he treated his co-workers and admiration for how he was to his children. The fact checking that you’re getting it all from the liberal media even snopes is not to be trusted. I know it is hard to know the difference between what is true and what is false today but from a personal perspective I can tell you that he treated his co-workers respectfully and even the little underlings like my mother.

  4. they the USA will vote for Hilary and she will win. She will take Jerusalem and give it to the Arabs. She will start to try to control Russia. That will be the time that Russia destroy the USA. All the blood of the USA would be on Hilary. You would wish that you never voted for her but it would be to late. There is nothing that you can do to stop it because it is prophecy. Wait and see for yourself. Fred.

    • Anyone who votes for Hillary will have blood on their hands because her pandering, antisemitic, war mongering policies will undoubtedly get many Americans and Israelis MURDERED.

  5. Every good Jew, Christian, Muslim…whomever…every AMERICAN should do their due diligence and VOTE period! These are such chaotic and unstable times and our nation’s future depends on us taking responsibility for ourselves. To NOT vote because you do not like either candidate is wrong and irresponsible as an American citizen. We have seen where we have been and Hillary Clinton has been a large part of where we are today as a country. Donald Trump speaks a language I understand and appreciate…strength and being supportive of our allies and Not rewarding those nations that would do us and our allies harm! She has shown herself for what she is, many times over…a corrupt human being that is very much anti Israel. Donald Trump, while not my first choice, is my choice now and had shown himself to be very pro Israel. G-d has blessed us with our beautiful country. We cannot control everything or anyone else, but we can control ourselves and have a say in the path our country takes…VOTE!

    • So, Hillary is a liar as is DT; however, he gets a pass because he will help Israel. How do you differentiate between lies. I’d love to hear about that. Remember, actions matter. You support and align with a pig you are a pig. The truth shall set you free not picking and choosing between lies.

  6. When did Trump oppose NC law stopping men using women’s bathroom??? And when did he support a law for Israel to return money??? Sounds like you are a liar.

  7. Every frum Jew must vote for Trump. This is the last chance to defeat same gender marriage.Once Trump puts in a conservative judges the Supreme Court will become normal. With Hillary she promises to fill the court with flaming anti religious liberals. You want vouchers or you want to pay through the nose for your children’s yeshiva education. Trump supports vouchers. Hillary says vouchers are unconstitutional. There are so many reasons to vote Trump that we would be crazy not to. Everywhere I go every frum yid tells me they are voting Trump. There are a few paid bums who are trying to convince normal frum Jews how good Hillary is. We know who they are. The same Chaya’s who supported the Iran deal. For a few bucks they would sell out anyone. Vote Trump as if your life and yes yiddishkeit depends on it. You don’t have a clue how dangerous Hillary and her inner circle and f advisors are. They hate religion with a passion especially frum Torah Jews. Their goal is to get yeshivas to teach what they teach in public schools:evolution and same gender marriage and the rest of the distorted views. Any Jew not voting Trump is helping atheism spread.

  8. one think is important, white crime in america is being treated worse than murders etc.
    who could help on that heartbreaking issue

  9. Trump contradicts himself constantly, sometimes in the same sentence! How can you trust anything he says? He is certifiably insane.

    • Maybe-but he surrounds himself with smart people and is the best thing for Israel, Jews, and anyone who wants to be safe from terrorists.

  10. i could not decide, after hearing jason chaffetz choose trump today, then trump it is. chaffetz is the watch dog on the house over sight committee who goes after corrupt government. he said trump is the best choice. watch chaffetz on television government channel and you will see what i mean.

  11. Vote for Trump if you have any rachmonos on Israel, Jews, or the US. Hillary will continue on Obamas’ path of destruction. She will continue to support the Palestinian cause (remember Arafat and Suha?) , her closest friend and
    aide is Huma Aberdin, a muslim, she will open the borders and bring in hundreds of thousands illegal Mexicans, Syrians,etc. She supported the Iran Deal, will pressure Israel into a two state deal, is a liar, a thief (remember the
    cutlery and other things she stole from the White House when she was leaving?) And what about the Clinton Library
    which was a forum for stealing millions, and selling out to the highest bidders, namely Arab countries. There is NOT one good thing that she accomplished in her thirty years in politics, and her husband is the lowest form of life who
    made the US a laughing stock when he “carried on” in the White House. And of course her betrayal in Bengazi, and
    the current e- mail scandal. She belongs in jail, and will end up there. I could go on and on, but bottom line is

  12. Hillary Clinton’s main money backer America’s biggest anti semite George Soros .
    A Hitler movement supporter and one that calls for the destruction of Israel . She is looking to raise our taxes for her parties benifit not the peoples. A bad choice for all Americans We dont need people that want to abolish freedom of a peoples choice of prayer.
    No matter what religion.

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