Who’s Kvetching? 60% Of Israelis Happy With Their Financial Situation


israelis88 percent of Israelis are generally happy with their lives and 60% are satisfied with their financial situation, according to a Central Bureau of Statistics report for the years 2010-2011.

According to the figures, for the past decade there has been an increase in the levels of Israelis’ contentment — in 2002, 83% of Israelis said they were happy with their lives. It appears that Israelis are also optimistic about their future: 52% believe they will be happier in the coming years, while 45% feel that their economic situation will improve.

Meanwhile, the number of Israelis born in Israel continues to rise and in 2012 already hit the six million person mark, which accounts for 74% of the entire population.

For the sake of comparison, in 1948 only 35% of the population was born in Israel. The native “second generation” Israelis, with fathers also born in Israel, comprise one third of the population.

Altogether, as of Rosh Hashana 2013, Israel’s population stands at 8,086,600 people — comprised of 6,066,300 Jews (75.1% of the population), and 1,669,800 Arabs (20.6% of the population).

It also appears that a happier life leads to a longer life. The statistics show that life expectancy for Israelis is higher than the average in OECD states.

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