Whoops: John Bolton’s Notes May Have Revealed Possible Military Plans For Venezuela


National security adviser John Bolton was spotted on Monday holding a notepad with the words “5,000 troops to Colombia” scrawled across the top of the front page in blue ink.

Bolton’s cryptic message was revealed while he was announcing sanctions on Colombia’s South American neighbor, Venezuela.

When asked for comment on the “troop” note, the White House would only reiterate Bolton’s message during the press conference that “the President has said, all options are on the table.”

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  1. We should never interfere with Venezuela fight for freedom for look at all the rest of the countries we tried to help, we spend all that money and in the end we are the ones that get kicked in the pants and bad mouthed. If the people of that country want to be healed they most first want it and then fight for it, otherwise we get another puppet who needs money all the time and drains us and finally attaches to a feeder country and bad mouths us after all the money we spend to help. Look around for all those examples there are plenty of countries that just want and no do.

  2. It may just have been intentional that his note gets revealed. Either way, it sent a clear and strong message to Venezuela and Russia.

  3. Bolton to Maduro: “I know what you’re thinking, punk. Does he really plan to send 5,000 troops, or is he trying to scare me? But being as we are the most powerful nation on the face of the planet, you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?”

    (with apologies to Dirty Harry)


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