Who Lied? Hillary Said She Emailed With Bill, But Bill Said He Doesn’t Use Email



Bill Clinton doesn’t use email.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said the server that housed her emails while she was secretary of state (that was reportedly housed at her home in New York) was set up for President Bill Clinton. She also said that some of the “personal” emails she deleted were between her and her husband.

But just before Hillary began the press conference at the United Nations building, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bill Clinton does not use email.

“The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president, says Matt McKenna, his spokesman,” WSJ reported. “After leaving office, Mr. Clinton established his own domain that staff use – @presidentclinton.com. But Mr. Clinton still doesn’t use email himself, Mr. McKenna said.”

One of Bill’s emails was to astronaut and former Sen. John Glenn, the other was to U.S. troops.

But Hillary said during her press conference that her email server “contains personal communications from my husband and me.”

It appears at least one Clinton is not telling the whole truth.

A spokesman for Hillary did not immediately respond to a Washington Examiner inquiry.

Washington Examiner

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  1. Why would anyone think that the American people would want to elect another liar to the White House in 2016? We have already endured nearly 7 years of consistent lies from the current Shakran-In-Chief!

  2. Don’t worry everything will be under the rug by 2016, and everyone will develop amnesia again, just like the Bengazi scandal, etc. etc. And the Jews will vote for a democrat again who ever it is.


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