White House: Without Obama’s Jobs Plan No One Would Be Discussing Jobs…


jay-carneyWhite House press secretary Jay Carney rhetorically asked at his briefing today that if not for Obama, would the Republicans even be corned about jobs and the economy?


Carney: Without Obama Jobs Proposal No One Would Be Talking About Jobs

Question: “On the President invoking God. A House Republican aide said the “In God We Trust” [bill] were procedural matters [that took] less than 20 minutes or so. Again, this person pointing out that they have these 20 bills that they passed that were creating jobs –”

Carney: “The number keeps increasing. 15?”

Dan: “20 is the number. But, is that a fair jab from the President?”

Carney: “I think the other day, when they were dealing with the commemorative coin bill, I might of read, or I think I read the agenda for the day which was quite anemic and included that. And whether it took 20 minutes or not, the fact is they were out of town by 3pm.

“The point the President is making broadly is that — if not for the President’s insistence on pushing the American Jobs Act, would we be having a debate about jobs and the economy, right now in Washington? Or would Congress be — or would the Republicans in Congress be divorced from the reality that Americans are encountering everyday. They would be debating matters wholly unrelated to the primary concerns of the American people. I think that’s possible. I know that the Democrats would be out there push this and certainly the President is.”



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