White House: ‘We Took Into Account All’ Who Were Killed in Holocaust


The Trump administration has responded to the controversy over the omission of Jews in its official statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day, saying “we took into account all of those who suffered” during the Holocaust.

Spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN, “It was our honor to issue a statement in remembrance of this important day.” Unlike past administrations, the Trump White House put out a statement that did not mention the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, only the “innocent people” who were targeted. Read more at CNN.



  1. Is this White House interested in alienating every and segments of society? ? Couldn’t it just issue a statement saying that we intended to be sensitive to all but the omission of “Jews” was inappropriate. After all the word Holocaust in and of itself was the genocide and decimation of Jewry! The Germans יש”ו intended to rid Europe and the wold of Jews!
    It’s a shame that the White House can’t admit errors! Is it גאוה?? Hmmm! It’s going to be an interesting 4 years, if he lasts that long!

  2. Mind you, president Bush made no mention of the 6 mil jews killed in the holocaust either. He just mentioned we should remember aushwitz.

  3. this is another clear illustration that every word and syllable the president says is going to be parsed and taken apart. they are never going to give him a moments menucha. obama was never treated so unfairly. and look where this story is coming from…..the famous (read: infamous) CNN—fake news. president trump, hang in there, you will prevail!

  4. Accusing Trump of being Anti-Semetic is like accusing a chicken that he has no feathers. We all know that he is proud to have a Jewish Son and n law regardless of whether one believes that his daughter is Jewish or not

  5. I am a Trump supporter, but even when someone agrees with most of his views, there is still room for criticism. This was wrong. Plain and simple. Call him out on it.

  6. I am not anti-semitic because I have a Jewish friend/son-in-law, has in all times been the defence of antisemites. That kind of whitewashing has, also. been accepted by Hofljuden, not least in different Judenrats.

  7. At least Trump doesn’t try to cause another holocaust by enabling the islamonazis, which is exactly what DemocRats are trying to do. Who cares about his silly speeches if his political actions are good?!

  8. To Itzik #1: List to me and hear me out well. I’m a son of Holocaust survivors. My parents lost many family members in the “Shoah” because they were Yidden. Yet, I am trying to impress upon you and others who think like you, that it is NOT IN YIDDEN’S best interest to harp upon and NITPICK everything our new president says and does! Please leave well enough alone!! Give President Trump a decent and fair chance; let’s see what develops. Re: Holocaust: he said nothing wrong! By not mentioning Yidden exclusively–All The Time–that does not make him “insensitive” to our plight! While the Holocaust has affected Yidden more than any other group (percentage-wise), yet there were other innocent individuals of many nations also killed in WWII. It is not a Toivas Ha’klal to continuously keep drumming that “the horrors of the Holocaust is ‘Exclusively’ owned by Yidden, and Yidden alone!!

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