White House Rejects Peres Clemency Appeal For Pollard


pollardThe White House on Monday rejected Israeli President Shimon Peres’s personal appeal to commute convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s life sentence.

“Our position hasn’t changed,” National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in an email to Yahoo News. Asked whether the White House had received Peres’s written plea to President Barack Obama for clemency, Vietor said he was not sure “but the position is the same.”

Obama had rejected a January 2011 request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to free Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst convicted in 1985 of passing classified information to Israel. Netanyahu’s appeal was the first such plea in public, and it drew support from most of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Peres had based his appeal on Pollard’s deteriorating health, and mentioned a recent conversation with Pollard’s wife Esther Pollard. “The president sent the missive after receiving a petition signed by 80 MKs, urging Obama to release the Jewish spy, as well as intense pressure from the lobby working to secure Pollard’s release ahead of Peres’ White House visit planned for June.” That’s when Peres is slated to receive the highest U.S. civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, though he has come under pressure from Pollard supporters to reject it unless Pollard goes free.

{ABC News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Please daven for Yehonasan ben Malka, both for his health and for his freedom. Please remember on Election Day whether the president does the right thing – or not.

  2. Shame on the President! Shame on the President!
    He can run around the lawn like a baby after the Easter eggs, but can’t act like an adult when necessary. I guarantee you this: Obama knows nothing about Pollard. It is very easy to say no. It takes a little thinking and learning to consider saying yes. He has not done that, and is too busy with himself to bother. Shame on you mr. president.

  3. i guess that to qualify for clemency u need to first blow a plane out of the sky kill some 270+ people and show that u r a muslim

  4. I don’t beleive that the israelis are really keen on getting him released. if they were, they would have gotten him out along time ago. if only to gain better prison conditions. he is in the worst prison in the usa. we will find out the “rest of the story” after he “finishes” his sentence.

  5. If chas V’Sholo’ Obama is reelected he has many other aces up his sleeve which are detrimental to Israel and also the middle class here.

    Plese advocate un making sure


  6. Pollard knows something that either washington or jerusalem are going to be embarrassed over and that’s why nobody is running to let him out.


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