White House Overrun With Cockroaches, Mice And Ants


A number of work orders at the White House show it is overrun with cockroaches and mice, which have taken up residence in the situation room as well as a mess hall in the basement of the West Wing, NBC reported.

The Oval Office bathroom was also in need of a new toilet seat, with directions that it be installed “after hours please.”

Trump, who reportedly called the White House a “real dump,” called for renovations in the West Wing. In addition to new wallpaper, the Oval Office was notably fitted with gold drapes. Read more here.



  1. Well he said he was going to clean up the swamp, and the swamp has many creators. He is keeping his promise they are running out as fast as they can.

  2. What did you expect from Obama and that wife of his? They are spoiled prima donna’s. They make everyone else clean up their mess.

  3. Here here Donald. You left the best digs with great amenities to spew hate from the White House. These bugs are for you.

    Get an exterminator.


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