White House: Obama ‘Getting Absolutely No Sleep’ Because of Debt Crisis


obama-sleepThe White House is pushing back against the growing narrative that Obama is “sitting on the sidelines,” as reported by the New York Times yesterday, and letting Congress do all the work.

As John Boehner spent the night trying to wrestle members into place to support his debt ceiling deal, Valerie Jarret reminded reporters yesterday that it was President Obama who was losing sleep over the issue.

“He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise,” Jarrett said.

Chief of Staff William Daley told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last night that Obama has issued a secret plan for solving the debt crisis.

From the transcript:

BLITZER: So what you’re saying is the president did present a plan to the speaker, John Boehner.


BLITZER: But – but he didn’t…

DALEY: Right.

BLITZER: – make it public.

DALEY: No, because there’s… both the speaker and – and the president had agreed and – that these sort of negotiations do not happen in public.

{Washington Examiner/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Oy vey. Poor president. He’s lying to the country, ruining everything he puts his hands on, yet we are supposed to have rachmanus on his lack of sleep.
    what about the lack of sleep of the people whose jobs he killed with this economy?
    Sorry, no sympathies here Mr President.

    Hope your lack of sleep will actually push you towards a better decision. And if this job is too difficult for you, there are others who would be willing to do a better job than you.

  2. If some of the negotiations are done in private that is fine. We elect leaders to lead.

    Blessings for President Obama.

  3. Obama losing sleep?! What a Liberal phonie! He want’s the Government to default! He will blame the Republicans & help himself get re’elected! He couldn’t care less if the Country goes to pot!

  4. Well, you had this kind of debt ceiling come up, I think, maybe 20 times under Bush’s administration. It’s a non-threatening thing. It’s something automatic. It’s technical. It’s sort of like going to the corner and having a certified—somebody certify what you’ve done. It’s a technical thing that has nothing to do with the real economy or policy at all. They’re pretending it’s a crisis because they have a plan. And the plan is what Mr. Boehner has put forth. Just like after 9/11, the Pentagon pulled out a plan for Iraq’s oil fields, Wall Street has a plan to really clean up now, to really put the class war back in business and get rid of Medicare, get rid of the programs for the poor, and say, “There’s no money for you. We’ve given it all away in the bailouts.”

    – Economist Michael Hudson, on Democracy Now! July 22nd
    Full-transcript and audio at

  5. Another Economist, Richard Wolff:

    This is political theater in which the two parties are posturing for the election coming next year, using this occasion—to put it in perspective, the number of times the government has raised the debt ceiling since 1940? Ninety, almost twice a year. This is a normal, automatic procedure. Every president, Republican and Democrat, has asked for it. When they ask, typically, the representatives of the other party say, “Well, you’re not managing the government real well,” and then they vote for it. And that has happened over and over again. So what you’re seeing is a decision, politically, to make it theatric, out of what otherwise would have been a normal procedure.

    – From the July 28th edition of Democracy Now!

    Full-transcript and audio at


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