White House: Netanyahu Not A Factor In UN Vote


CNN’s Jim Acosta talks to Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes about the United States’ shameful abstention from UN Security Council vote to end Israeli settlements.




    • …the United States’ shameful abstention…
      It was not just an abstention, it was an orchestration. Egypt dropped the resolution, then when President Obama let it be know that the U.S. would have abstained, several other countries jumped into the breach and submitted it. Once that was done, the U.S. allowed it to pass, as they said they would.

    • “People all should cool it”
      Now that Jews who live in the Jewish Quarter and/or visit the Kosel are criminals in the eyes of the U.N. and subject to sanctions? Now that the 1948 expulsion of Jews from their ancient homes by the Jordanians has been declared permanent and irreversible? This administration very deliberately engineered this vote to throw Israel to the anti-Semitic wolves of the U.N. and their action is a far cry from simply “Opposing the settlements”.

    • You firdt learn what the foreign policy was. It was opposed to settlements but supported the status quo! You are probably a brainwashed anti-Israel wingnut justifying you anti-Israel positions with misguided views of American foreign diplomacy

  1. Another smooth Democrat liar! They want to see Israel fall. Obama can’t get enough of the Arabs and he would for his legacy to end this way! he and Jimmy-I’ll-never-lie-to-you-Carter are vying for who could do Israel in more! Two nuts in a peanut – one with the chaf and the other without it!

  2. I wonder if the liberal reform and conservative Jews still want to Daven at the Kotel since America and the u.n. Call Israeli occupation illegal?

  3. Mr. Rhodes is a lying skunk.
    I agree with the comment above. The State Department, regardless of whether it was a Republican or Democrat President, were always Anti Israel. For some reason, even though the Arab world wants nothing to do with the cursed lowly so called Palestinians, the American State Department has fallen in love with them and wants Israel/Jews to go back to where they came from (the ovens). I mean, come on. If the so called Palestinians only had their own homeland, peace & love would break out across the world. It always boils down to those pesky Jews getting in the way. If only we can get rid of them. Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?

  4. First he says it was US policy all along, and makes the case why this resolution is so important for peace. then he says but we did not drafted it, Egypt did. Well if it is so “important for peace” why didn’t the US draft it? And why not vote on it like all the other (anti-semites) did?

    It’s so sad to see so many Jews fooled by the dems. This slippery slope is so dangerous… Wake up!!!

    Stop defending them!!

  5. Am Yisroel Chai. Obama will be remebered for a unimpressive presidency. He even knows it why else would he do this at the last moment!


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