White House Encourages Israel To Scale Back On Settlements


Only hours after Israel announced settlement construction plans for almost 2000 homes in the West Bank, the White House issued a statement suggesting a curtailment on future settlement building in an effort to help US peace plan progress.

“The President has made his position on new settlement activity clear, and we encourage all parties to continue to work towards peace,” a spokesperson for the National Security Council told the Times of Israel.

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  1. And Bibi will do what his master says, for money has strings attached to it, and If I give you money you become a banana republic and only the master counts not the people of the country. So the announcement of the homes that would have been build is now null and void because the master spoke. Would it not have been wonderful to have built those homes and then announce they are ready to move into, but no just another day of politics.

    • “So the announcement of the homes that would have been build is now null and void” Most Israelis by now know that Bibi’s promises and okaying to build is all talk, no action. How many years and years is it that permission to build actually went through? Does anyone recall?

  2. Watch out, Mr Trump: don’t let arrogance get to your head! You are only in your position because of G-d’s blessing to you for doing the right thing: if you start to hurt Am Yisrael you will only shoot yourself in the foot and have a swift downfall. Don’t for a moment think ” by my might have I accomplished this”; no, Hashem gave you success, and He can change that in a second. Stay on the straight and narrow if you want continued good fortune. And that includes not interfering with the Jews’ right to build in our G-d given Land.

    From my pen to G-d’s ear.


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