White House Denies Iran Report


hillaryAfter four years of secret back-and-forths between American and Iranian diplomats, Iran has agreed to one-on-one negotiations with the United States over its nuclear program, The New York Times is reporting.

The Times cites senior government officials who say Iran is looking to avoid military intervention, but has stipulated the talks can only occur only after the presidential election.

The White House vehemently denied the Times’s report today, saying “it’s not true that the United States and Iran have agreed to one-on-one talks or any meeting after the American elections.”

Read about it at The New York Times.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This is a brilliant political move by Ahmadinejad to help the teleprompter in chief (aka Obama) get re-elected!

  2. actually the reason the WH denies this is obviously because an endorsement from hitlers’ prodigy is not very flattering to the American people, and would be campaign fodder for the Romney campaign. anyway we all know who this president is and his agenda.

  3. perfect timing to give iran more time for nuclear.

    FOOLISH to even think you will ever work soemthing out with iran.

    well, thats really who barock husaine obama is, a muslim that is secretly behind everyones back assisting his muslim brothers & bringing the USA closer to going against Israel

  4. There are many calenders in the world…Jewish 5773; Christian/Gregorian 2012; Islamic 1433; Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Red Line Soon ???
    The divine timetable will trump all others.

    I repeat…There is an optimal, peaceful solution to the Iran/West imbroglio. Google scientists recently discovered that a Rubik’s Cube no matter how diabolical its configuration can always be solved in 20 moves if the right algorithm is in place. They call this the “G-d Algorithm”.


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