White House Claims Supreme Court Will Find Health Care Law ‘Constitutional’


white-house-senior-adviser-david-plouffeA top adviser to President Obama insisted Sunday that the federal health care overhaul will be upheld after the Supreme Court hears arguments in a landmark challenge to the policy this coming week.

“We’re confident that it’ll be constitutional,” senior White House adviser David Plouffe told “Fox News Sunday.”

Plouffe also claimed Republicans will rue the day they branded the overhaul “ObamaCare,” suggesting that years into the future they will “regret” not being able to claim credit for the fundamental changes to health care in America.

He said a “small portion” of people are experiencing those changes now, but predicted many more Americans would realize the benefits by the end of the decade.

The health care law will eventually require most Americans to buy health insurance, while providing federal subsidies for millions. The so-called “individual mandate” to buy insurance is at the heart of the Supreme Court challenge, with critics calling the requirement unconstitutional.

Plouffe claimed Americans ultimately don’t want to “refight” the battle over the law, or “start over” the health care reform process.

{Fox News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. of they will its the liberal way. who cares how dishonest and destructive it may be so long as it advances some warped liberal agenda. remember the gr8 accomplishment of “its going to cover children till 26? or that premiums are going to go down. woops that was just rhetoric to make us go along withthe scam


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