Where Do You Learn?




  1. Its just the way people speak everybody know that one is refering to the Yeshiva and not the Rosh Yeshivah!
    Yidden should stop nit picking and trying to find issues with EVERYTHING!!! If you have so much spare time to write these things why not go learn and maybe one day you will have the honor of people refer to your yeshiva by your last name!!!!!

  2. I humbly disagree. The Yeshiva becomes known by the Rosh Hayeshiva’s name despite all of these Yeshivos having another official name. The fact that the Yeshivos become better known by the name of the Rosh Yeshiva, is the greatest compliment to the Rosh Yeshiva. Thus, when one refers to their Yeshiva as Bernstein’s they are in fact referring to the YESHIVA not to the ROSH YESHIVA, proof being that they are responding to a question as to where they learn. Same goes for any Shul that becomes known by the name of the Rav. Certainly everyone is aware of and refers to the famous Shul, “Landau’s”. No one says “Rabbi Landaus” since they are referring to THE SHUL and not to the RABBI. Let’s focus on fixing greater problems.

  3. the same could be said about yeshivas that put full page ads in newspaper for a dinner and put the yeshivas real name but don’t put the rosh yeshivas name or address. How is anyone supposed to know which yeshiva it is

  4. Its davka silly articles like this which are fueling the “Shidduch crises”. A perspective Shver asks the boy where he is learning. He responds with just the name. AHA, this is in it of itself a Rayah that he lacks middos & derech eretz. Not for my daughter! Next. Whoever printed this silly letter aught to go back into the cave from which he came.

  5. Do you think Reb Boruch Ber said he learnt by Soloveitchik or that Reb Aron said he learnt by Finkel? It could be argued that Yakov Ovinu learnt by Shem and Eiver

  6. Actually, I’m going to take the contrarian opinion here and actually agree with the letter writer. When people ask me where I daven, I always mention the name of the shul or “Rabbi X’s” shul. I think that there is a lack of respect for the Rosh Yeshiva (or Rav) when it is referred to in such a fashion.

    Granted, this isn’t the top priority that we need to focus on, but there is truth in what the letter writer states.

    The Wolf

  7. Exactly. The problem is that people don’t learn by a Rosh Yeshiva anymore. They learn in his yeshiva but they don’t learn by him and become his talmidim. It used to be people would say “I learnt by Reb Ahron” or “by Reb Shlome Hieman”. Those days are gone.

  8. i have been telling this to my sons that are going to such yeshivas. 30 years ago we would never have called a yeshiva by just the rosh yeshivas last name

  9. We’ve got problems that this is being published as a problem for bochrim and yeshivas. We are missing the boat with the serious issues because no one prefers to look honestly at them. So much easier to pick a bone with easy topics like these.

  10. i assume you are not a boucher in yeshiva because if your were then you would know that the kids have a lot of respect for their rosh yeshiva and by saying the name of the yeshiva by last name does not take away respect as they are not speaking about the rosh yeshiva and believe me when they do speak about their rosh yeshiva to someone they say R’…. or my rosh yeshiva…

  11. #9 it could be argued that in those times there were very few yeshivas so saying volozhin or mir sufficed. nowadays when there are so many yeshivas that the name/location is almost meaningless it is simply clearer to refer to the specific rosh yeshiva by name.

  12. Please consider that not referring to Rabbanim and Roshai Yeshiva by their last name may in fact serve the same function as speaking to them in third person.
    Enabling us to reflexively be respectful, even when we’re frustrated or upset.
    Such protocol may even decrease machlokes, so that we remain respectful by habit, while we may disagree.

  13. The ikar is, that Matzav finally managed to get a lot of hits on an article. They have been struggling lately due to their over concern of being politically correct. As #16 “clarifier” stated, this is a safe softy to throw out there.

  14. I don’t think the letter writer meant for people to not call the yeshiva by the Rosh Yeshiva’s name. He meant that one should not say just the last name, but also the honorary title of “Rav”. I am definitely maskim regarding that.


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