What Are the Most Dangerous Websites?


kids-computers-internetSecurity software company Symantec (SYMC) has released its Internet Security Threat report for 2011, and it is packed with interesting information about the relative risks of online activity.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the report is in the review of malicious code trends, which lists the 10 most dangerous categories of Websites. These categories of sites don’t reflect the total number of infected sites; rather, they represent the kind of sites that tend to be the most infected per URL. Here they are in order of danger:

1. Blogs and Web communications
2. Hosting and personal hosted sites
3. Business and economy
4. Education and reference
5. Technology
6. Entertainment and music
7. Automotive
8. Health and medicine
9. Inappropriate content

According to Symantec, 20 percent of all blog and Web communication sites are infected with malicious code, 15 percent of hosting sites are infected, and 10 percent of business and economy sites.

Symantec reminds us that Macs are no longer immune to security worries:

“The first known Mac-based bot network emerged in 2009 and 2011 saw a number of new threats emerge for Mac OS X, including trojans like MacDefender, a fake anti-virus program. Mac users are exposed to sites that push trojans by means of SEO poisoning and social networking. In May 2011, Symantec found a malware kit for Mac (Weyland-Yutani BOT) — the first of its kind to attack the Mac OS X platform. In addition, many attack tools have become cross-platform, exploiting Java exploits whether they are on Macs or Windows PCs.”

{CBS News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. shouldn’t #9 be listed first.

    can take a maximum of 5 minutes there until he’s stuck & can fall right off the derech in the future R”L

  2. Get a really good mainstream anti-virus program, and think twice and three times before you click on anything. Going online is like driving a car – it’s by nature hazardous, but you can do many things to make it safer.

    Except if you make a mistake on the web, you’re only out some money. Driving a car distracted can close your account here in Olam Hazeh (or someone else’s account – another good reason to put that cell phone in the glove compartment).

    Just practice good judgment. You’ve got a brain – use it.

  3. I hope that my blogs are not infected, but it is quite scary to note that if you go to your section on blog stats, I seem to have an inordinate number of viewers from overseas including most particularly Russia. Hackers? Who knows.

  4. #4 – Depends on your blog content, but yes, from Russia it could be hackers. Do you have good virus protection? A firewall? If not, recommend you get your computer checked by an expert – just in case.

  5. According to the source (symantec):
    Shopping is #4, everything else gets pushed down one.

    The list of sites in order of danger is:
    Blogs and Web communications (19.8%)
    Hosting and personal hosted sites (15.6%)
    Business and economy (10%)
    Shopping (7.7%)
    Education and reference (6.9%)
    Technology/ Computer and Internet (6.9%)
    Entertainment and music (3.8%)
    Automotive (3.8%)
    Health and medicine (2.7%)
    ” Inappropriate content” (2.4%


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