What Aleph’s Slogan Meant to a Man Imprisoned in Cambodia


The Aleph Institute, founded at the express direction of  the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 5741/1981, is family to thousands of men and women who are in prisons around the world. Aleph’s International department is now operating is over 20 countries. Please partner with Aleph during this vital matching campaign and help give hope. Donations are triped!  Charidy.com/aleph

Danny, who was an IDF Major in field intelligence and risked his life in top secret operations, was languishing in prison in Cambodia, for failure to pay a bank loan.

Danny had been imprisoned for 14 long, lonely months in very challenging conditions in the Phnom Penh prison in Cambodia when Aleph’s International Advocacy team got wind of his plight.

Working closely with Rabbi Butman, the Chabad Shliach in the area, who was a tremendous support to the family,  Aleph’s team (led by Yonatan Hamborger – an Aleph volunteer from Los Angeles) worked tirelessly to advocate for Danny on many levels and to ensure he received the vital support he needed, and that his medical needs were addressed. Every day, his dedicated wife rode on a rickshaw for 45 minutes to bring Danny kosher edible food, sponsored in part by The Aleph Institute and the local Chabad Synagogue. Without her dedicated daily trips, he would have gone hungry.


In a series of open and relevaled miracles, Danny was finally released and allowed to return home to his family in Eretz Yisroel. In a very moving letter to Aleph, Danny wrote:

“Indeed, there was a great miracle here, in February 2018 you appeared in our lives as a

redeeming angel bringing joy, hope and faith. We have not been abandoned. You have no idea how a prisoner feels, who reads this amazing sentence that says: “No one is alone. No one forgotten.”

In yet another miraculous outcome, Allen Lowe, an attorney who volunteers with Aleph, recently attended the wedding of a young man who was was rescued from a Peruvian prison and transferred to Israel. (He’d gone through such abuse, including a broken pelvis after being thrown down two flights of stairs, while being held in custody.) Allen worked closely with The Aleph Institute and the local Shliach in Peru – Rabbi Blumenfeld – to help secure the young man’s safety and help him transfer to Israel. This young man, now healthy and thriving in Israel, helps others who are at risk.

In a tragic recent case, The Aleph Institute worked closely with Rabbi Blumenfeld, as well as with the financial support of hundreds of yidden around the world, to ensure that an Israeli who died in a Peruvian prison was able to be transported to Eretz Yisroel for Kevurah.

Aleph’s International division works closely with local Shluchim, Rabbis and communities all over the world, to provide spiritual, emotional support, and advocacy to men/women in third world countries the world over. Many of these cases are truly matters of pekuach nefesh where people are being held in the furthest places and access to kosher food, visitation and religious observance is a tremendous challenge. If you know anyone in need of help, or who can help further this cause, please contact chesky@aleph-institute.org

Please partner with Aleph to ensure “No one alone. No one forgotten” Every dollar during this campaign will be tripled BEH.

May we merit the coming of Moshiach when there will be no more need.




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