Western Europe Spies Too


snowdenWho’s pointing fingers now? According to a report today in The Guardian, Western European spy agencies also engage in the type of mass Internet and phone traffic surveillance that the U.S.’s National Security Agency does.

The report names Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands as working together on mass surveillance – which, if true, is particularly embarrassing for France and Germany, as they had been among the most vocal protesters of America’s electronic surveillance.

The Guardian‘s report comes courtesy of  more leaked documents from Edward Snowden. Read more at Christian Science Monitor.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Of course they spy! I was even warned years ago when I had a security clearance that I had to watch out for the UK’s MI6!

    The US is honest about the National Security Agency’s purpose. These hypocritical Europeans, not so.

  2. Everyone spies on everyone else. This is no chiddush.

    The big chiddush here is, why the White House didn’t just say so, instead of making lame excuses and pretending to be embarrased.


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