Boo-Hoo: Weeping Weiner: “I Have Not Been Honest”


weinerEmbattled Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to posting  photos of himself on Twitter at an afternoon press conference today after denying it since the story broke.

According to conservative author Andrew Breitbart, a new person has come forward with what is claimed to be  several photographs, chats, and emails with Weiner. If the allegations are true, it may undermine Weiner’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked in regard to a photo sent to a person via his Twitter account.

Breitbart posted two pictures of Weiner on his website, which Breitbart alleges were emailed to a person he declined to identify.

Breitbart said the photographs were sent from Weiner’s AOL email account via his BlackBerry on May 4.

Speaking at a news conference in Midtown, Breitbart said “everything we’re reported about this story has been true.”

When pressed further by reporters about whether the photos may have been released in spite of the Democratic lawmakers, Breitbart shot back that the entire process of publishing the photos “happened “organically.”

“There was zero premeditation involved in this,” he said.

A “deeply ashamed” Weiner openly wept during his news conference, admitting that he made “terrible mistakes” in sending pictures of himself over the Internet, but he vowed not to resign in the wake of the scandal.

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Weiner told reporters at the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown.

Weiner also said he took “full responsibility for my actions.”

Weiner said he was “deeply sorry.”

“I have not been honest with myself, family, consistuents, family and friends,” he said.

Weiner is married to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Who is the Jewish brother you are referring to? Anthony Weiner is not Jewish. His father is Jewish, not his mother.

  2. I don’t have pity for someone who married a non jew. He hasn’t apologized for that! so until he does that… yes, boo hoo hoo. Dont look for pity amongst the “brothers” that you continue to disassociate yourself with.

  3. Jorgen von Strangel, Wiener has denied he is a Jewish brother by marrying out of faith, especially, moslem, a smack in a Jewish Face.
    I believe that nothing happens to people by coincidence. Hashem has his ways. I do not judge but it is in your face

  4. I despise his action, but for all you know, he’s a tinok shenishba. Maybe not, but are you willing to risk it?

  5. Hard to say a person is a tinok shenishba, when he claims to identify with the Jewish people and yet married a non-Jew. At the time of such marraige he gives up any claim of Jewish brotherhood. Also, his lying and otherwise indecent behavior can’t be excused because he is a tinok shenishba. Even non-Jews understand that such behavior is degrading and loathsome. Jewish brotherhood to Anthony Weiner means shilling for Jewish votes and voting for all sorts of liberal toevahs.

  6. Folks, get it right. Please get it right. Weiner is not Jewish. His mother is a non-jew. so please stop the garbage about him being a tinok shenishba. He is permitted to marry a non-jew.End of story.

  7. I remember when he was a little shnooky councilman.

    He became this big shot when he beat Noach Dear for the Congressman seat. Wouldn’t we all rather have Noach? But of course those dumb seniors and the lefties voted in Weiner. Well, they got what they deserved. I voted for Dear in that election.

    I want Weiner out of office.

  8. Interesting, when a Republican does something sleazy, they MUST step down immediatly! When it’s a Democrat, I must continue to work for the American people. They NEVER step down! Free pass from the left wing media.

  9. Whatever his status as a Jew, whatever his wisdom in marital choice, the fact stands that he has terrible judgment. Morality aside, committing this sort of idiocy indicates that he doesn’t have the common sense to hold public office.

    I think this gentleman should be retired from public life and his political party – and I’m a Democrat myself.

  10. Jorgen,

    It would be hard to call him a tinok shenishba. He campaigned among in frum neighborhoods. He would always proclaim proudly (rightly or wrongly) that he was a Jew. You can hardly call him a tinok shenishba. There is no way that you can say he was a tinok shenishba for marrying a non Jew, a moslem at that.

    But Jorgen, remember to be melamed zchus at least as much for frum Jews. It should not only be for frier yidden or non Jews.

  11. Joe "Kiddush Hashem" Leiberman, Shelly Silver, Lord Mike Bloomberg, Jerry Nadler, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton

    loser shebloser

  12. I’m not sure why there is all this vitriol directed at Weiner. He is the perfect mix of being pro-israel and pro the many social programs.

  13. Really, “Boo Hoo”, is this the level of commentary we are at now. It looks like it was ripped from the cover of the NY Post.

  14. Why would he no longer be a Jew just for marrying a non-Jew? Should this mistake retroactively change his ethnicity? His mother, as well as his father are both Jewish.


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