Weekend’s Biggest Wedding (Not Clinton’s) Took Place On Shabbos, in Lakewood, at Lake Terrace


lake-terraceFrom a NY Daily News report: They didn’t close any roads or airspace, but when it comes to raw numbers, a Jersey Shore wedding outdid Chelsea Clinton’s – big time. Welcome to Shweta Parikh and Nirav Patel’s wedding in Lakewood, New Jersey.

While around 500 guests assembled in Rhinebeck for Chelsea’s big day, 650 people gathered in Lakewood over four days, where the scale and spectacle rivaled the very best anywhere.

The venue? Lake Terrace Hall, the location of chasunos throughout the year and the recent Rubashkin asifa that drew 7,000.

The groom was decked out in a gold and red sherwani and entered the affair on a white horse adorned with bells, a bejeweled headpiece and a beaded saddle.

The hall was filled with thousands of rose petals and orchids flown in from Thailand. The wedding canopy was made of silk patterned with thousands of crystals.

At dinner, there were fifteen entrees, like paneer makhani (a cheese and tomato vegetarian dish) and malai kofta, (cheese and dried fruit dumplings in gravy), accompanied by 3,000 pieces of naan bread and 1,500 pieces of poori bread for guests to mop up their plates.

Guests flew in from all over the world — 11 states and 5 countries.

Parikh, 27, and Patel, 29, both first-generation Indian-Americans living in New Jersey, first met in 2002.

Patel is a pharmaceutical sales manager from Garwood.

The wedding by the numbers:

• 900: Number of people on the guest list
• 650: Number of people who attended the wedding
• 125: Family members in attendance
• 7,580: Miles traveled by groom’s grandmother, who flew in from Gujarat, India
• 61: Length of the wedding, in hours, from Thursday night to Sunday morning
• 20,575: Venue size, in square feet
• 3,000: Pieces of naan served at Saturday’s dinner
• 1,500: Pieces of deep fried poori bread served at Saturday’s dinner
• 1,200: Pieces of jalebi desserts served at Saturday’s dinner
• 3,000: Pieces of deep fried lentil balls served at Saturday’s dinner
• 4,500: Forks used at Saturday’s dinner
• 4,000: Teaspoons used at Saturday’s dinner
• 1,000: Knives used at Saturday’s dinner
• 2,500: Glasses used at Saturday’s dinner
• 1,200: Cups of tea served at Saturday’s dinner
• 200: Approximate number of songs played by the DJ on Saturday

{NY Daily News}

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. #1 – Anything with Lakewood or Rubashkin is automatically news on Matzav. It does not matter if anyone cares or that it is old news elsewhere. This site is for entertainment and money. You really thought there is some higher value here?

  2. the point being the funny state of affairs in americhca in the year 2010? the kal v’chomer could not have been more precise: the ostentatious rhinebeck chasuna with the jewish choson could not have been a more goyish one, the ostentatious lakewood chasuna with a jewish choson and kallah most certainly could not have been more goyish. perhaps the horse was jewish.

  3. i really like matzav website, but they have the dumbest surveys. i’d like to see a survey “what do you think of the surveys on matzav.com

  4. HELLO & The Beast be quiet. if you’re not interested don’t click it. I’m sure plenty of others will. If you are such a masmid you don’t belong here

  5. I wouldn’t want to make a wedding in Lake Terrace after reading this story. Even if they didn’t use the kitchen, how could they host this wedding?

  6. Your main piece of news is about a non Jewish wedding, where’s the news about the Israeli soldier killed on the boarder of Lebanon & all the shooting going on there?

    We need mosiach if this is the best a Fum web site can do

  7. #21 – Chas Vesholom – I do not hate any Yidden. The discussion was about content. There are just some things that most people do not care about. This is one such example. It’s funny that you mentioned Lakewood and not Rubashkin. Do you “hate” Rubashkin?

  8. This is a wonderful website. It is credible, informative and where appropriate a little humor is employed wisely. This is a breath of fresh air from chasing fire trucks and police cars all day like little kids.

  9. In times past, weddings were routinely held on Shabbos – chupah on Friday, seuda on Shabbos.
    The couple took that one step further and turned this into a gala weekend. Mazel tov!

  10. The wedding was Indian – caterer was Rasoi – decorator was Abhishek.
    Groenwald did NOT cater he wouldn’t let us use his kitchen even though all food was actually vegetarian.
    the Party Host hired outside vendors and outside services and set up an entire kitchen outside the venue.


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