Wedding of Grandson of Skverer Rebbe


skverer-rebbeTonight, the wedding of a grandson of the Skverer Rebbe will take place at the main Skverer Bais Medrash in New Square. The chosson is a son of the Rebbe’s son-in-law and daughter, Rav and Mrs. Eliezer Goldman. The kallah is a granddaughter of the Kapytshnitzer Rebbe of Yerushalayim and the Alexander Rebbe.

 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. Mazal Tov
    Alot of Rabanim are coming to the wedding
    Rachmestrivke Rebbe Uncle Choson
    Satmer Rebbe Uncle Choson
    Loitzke Rebbe Uncle Kallah
    Bianne Rebbe cousin of Kallah

    And not to forget the 3 Granfathers
    Skvere Rebbe
    Kopichnitz Rebbe
    Alexender Rebbe

    The Viznit Rebbe Great Uncle Of Chosson Will be
    at his Grandoughter chasina tonight
    Oif Simchos

  2. nnnnnnnn, how many, persentage-wise, people remember today who Wil.Jeff.Clinton was, and, lehavdil how many people in Torah community remember Gedoilim and Tzaddikim of the previous generations

  3. The kavod that the Skvere Rebbe showed the Kapishnitzer Rebbe was unique. It seems the Skvere Rebbe has a special relationship with the Kapishnitzer Rebbe not shared with many other Rebbes.


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