Website of Britain’s Leading Jewish Newspaper Hacked By Palestinian Mujaheeds


hackers-jihadThe website of Britain’s leading Jewish newspaper has come under attack from hackers calling themselves Palestinian Mujaheeds. The Turkish-speaking group displayed anti-Semitic messages on The Jewish Chronicle’s home page for several hours, said editor Stephen Pollard.

A Google cache of the hacking showed a Palestinian flag displayed above statements in Turkish and English.

Part of the hackers’ text, repeated here unchanged, read: “Aren’t you ashamed of giving tolerance to Jewish who is the main actor of wars with being of children killers?

“Aren’t you ashamed of giving support to vampire who doesn’t care any human life?

“Aren’t you ashamed of showing respect to Jewish who makes revenge, hatred and rivality feelings between the people?”

Pollard said the attack could be related to last week’s diplomatic feud between Israel and Turkey.

A row broke out over the meeting between an Israeli minister and Turkish ambassador

The Turkish government was outraged when Israel’s deputy foreign minister denied their ambassador a handshake and forced him to sit on a low sofa as the cameras rolled.

Israel has since apologized.

A posting just before 10 a.m. on The Jewish Chronicle’s Twitter page said: “We’ve been hacked. Whoops!

“After a busy Sunday, we’ve sorted everything out and we’ll be back up soon.”

The attack comes days after Google threatened to withdraw from China after “highly sophisticated” cyber attacks by hackers seeking the personal information of human rights activists.

{Sky News/Noam Newscenter}


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