Wealthiest Israeli Ranks 206th on World Billionaire List With $6.7 Billion Fortune


idan-and-sammy-oferThe highest ranking Israeli on China’s Hurun magazine’s annual list of the world’s billionaires is real estate and shipping tycoon Eyal Ofer with an estimated fortune of $6.7 billion, Israel’s Globes business daily reported on Wednesday.

Ofer is ranked 206th out of 1,867 having moved up 45 spots from last year. The next Israeli on the list is his brother Idan Ofer, who is ranked 276th with a $5.4 billion fortune.

Shari Arison is the richest Israeli woman at 379th place with a fortune of $4.3 billion, down 50 spots from 2013. Hurun ranked casino magnate Sheldon Adelson as the world’s richest Jew, with a fortune of $36.5 billion. He is No. 8 on the list.

Other Israelis listed include Haim Saban, also in 276th place with $5.4 billion, Beny Steinmetz at 281st with $5.3 billion and Arnon Milchan at 408th with $4 billion.

The aggregate fortune of the world’s billionaires is $6.9 trillion, equal to the gross national product of Japan, according to Hurun.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. When I was growing up in the 1960’s there was one billionaire in the world?J. Paul Getty. The BBC did a TV show about him (seen here on public television) called “The Solitary Billionaire.” The word “solitary” had a double meaning?he was somewhat reclusive and he was the only one of his kind. His reclusiveness made some sense, as his son J. Paul Getty III was later kidnapped and held for ransom, and his ear was cut off by the kidnappers.

    I know that there’s been inflation since the 1960s, but not enough to account for the explosion in the number of billionaires. We’ve become more of a winner-take-all society. I’m not sure that this is a change for the good.


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