We Will Have Nowhere To Live


Dear Matzav friends,

We will have nowhere to live.

Those words keep running through my mind, as I try to negotiate with my landlord for more time, to find some way to pay our bills this month.
Several years ago, my salary was cut drastically. I continued to work hard while seeking better employment all the while watching as our savings dwindled, and dwindled… and ran out.
Swallowing my pride, I asked close family for assistance, and after a few months of help, was told that they could give no more.
Now, here I stand, a father of small children, a husband with little left, yet so much to lose – a man who used to be able to give  tzedakah, and feed the needy, pleading with you to help us.
My wife works too, but with our children, it just hasn’t been nearly enough.
You can help us though. We already owe THOUSANDS in rent, and other debts are mounting. Please help us.
Help me restore my family. I’m begging you, to please, give what you can.
Please have rachmunis on me and my wife and my kids!
And may Hashem bless you for all that you do.
A Fellow Yid




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