Community Leaders Rally for Victim of Child Sexual Abuse


 We all have someone we fight for.

A mother. A brother. A child…We’d do anything to take away their pain.

Today, we fight for the nameless ones.

The ones who can’t come forward or publically share their suffering. The ones who need to know they are not alone. That we are right there with them, at every step, with compassion and support. Even if we never meet or come to know their face.

Today, community leaders have joined forces in support of a young husband who sustained years of childhood sexual abuse.

Now live at Amudim the campaign seeks to raise $42,000 to provide two months of comprehensive therapeutic treatment at a trauma recovery center in Florida.

Just 32 years old, Noah* has continued to suffer from severe anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD from the trauma he endured as a young boy. “B”H my husband’s been sober for 5 years now,” his wife shared. “But despite his sobriety, he’s still in severe emotional pain that is impacting his mental and physical health.”

She continued, “He has B”H already survived one suicide attempt and dozens of cutting episodes. It’s been a real struggle for him to function properly on a day to day basis and take part in society.”

Moishe C, who has personally been involved with Noah’s recovery for the past five years, begs the community for its support in this initiative. “When you give today, you are investing in the lives of all of those he will help too. I’ve witnessed all the challenges of his journey, and I say this with complete confidence, when he’s better he will definitely extend his recovery to others and inspire them to get help too.”

There are many nameless, silent survivors of childhood sexual abuse within the community. People who feel alone, ashamed, and cut off from the world. People who can’t come forward and publically share their suffering. These survivors need to know they are not alone in their recovery. They need to know that their community is right there with them, at every step, with compassion and support.

This campaign is just one part of establishing greater healing and support for the survivor community.

To get involved in the fight for recovery, please join HERE.

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“While we get requests every day to raise money for personal causes, in this case there is no one in his family with the financial means to help him, which is why we’ve chosen to fight for him today.”

-Zvi Gluck, Amudim

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“Through his recovery he will inspire others to get help. So when you give today, you’re investing in all their lives too.”

-Moishe C.

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“He’s come so far and been through so much. He just needs us to pull through for him.”



  1. In Israel, frum men and women who were abused in childhood and/or adulthood, as well as children themselves, are treated for free in a very professional program at Bayit Cham including culturally sensitive individual and group therapy, psychiatric care for those who need it, family guidance, etc. I believe one must be an Israeli citizen to qualify for free treatment. Some of the trauma experts who work there are English speakers but I’m sure group therapy is in Hebrew.

  2. How sad, Hashem should help him overcome. This is the worst of it’s kind and not even funny to compare to vaxxing. If you haven’t experienced it then don’t say stupid things. There is sadly an overwhelming number of kids that are being abused and their life literally hangs on a balance. If we judge we lose them. Many appear ok and get married and end up getting married. The courageous spouses that support and encourage them are the unsung heroes and then there is amudim. Beleive in Hashem and trust in Him that He gives the strength to overcome. To my brethren out there that have the means, please support the broken neshamos and to the others, pray for them.
    – A fellow abusee

  3. oy what a mess !if you dont have rachmanus on the victim , than pity the wife & kids
    ive sent people to rehab in la etc 42G is very high considering that amudim has to be getting good rates these rehabs are looking for customers because most people dont want to go. refua shleima

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