Waze Launches Bluetooth ‘Beacons’ In NYC To Prevent GPS Blackspots


Waze has announced it’s partnering with the New York’s MTA Bridges and Tunnels as well as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to roll out Beacons, or hockey puck-sized Bluetooth devices, in the area.

Waze said the Beacons can instantly help with tunnel navigation by providing uninterrupted, real-time traffic data, so drivers can be on their way without a GPS signal in GPS blackspots such as tunnels.

‘Waze Beacons are an affordable, scalable, open-source solution that enables better tunnel navigation where GPS signals may drop out,’ the company said in a statement.

As of today, Waze Beacons have been installed in the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Queens-Midtown Tunnel and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.



Read more at The Daily Mail.



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