Watch: Young Women Attacked in Mea She’arim


Footage taken Tuesday evening showed dozens of charedim in in Meah Shearim chasing after two religious girls, residents of the Musrara neighborhood, pelting them with cardboard boxes, stones and firecrackers and swearing at them profusely.

The two young women happened to stumble into the middle of a protest against the giyus, according to eyewitnesses present on the scene.


David Perlmutter, present at the scene, said the girls escaped towards the Kikar Shabbos, where a police force was stationed. “They were chased by dozens of youths, who intermittently encircled them and threw rocks and firecrackers at them,” he said.

“They were accosted,” he further explained, “due to their indecent attire—relative to the area’s norms—as well as due to the fact they happened to enter the vicinity of the protest.”

A short time later, other eyewitnesses added, the girls returned to the site flanked by two more girls and a bike-riding boy, and tensions erupted anew.



  1. 1) The girls are not religious – this is blatantly obvious from their mode of dress.
    2) The girls are not religious – this is blatantly obvious from their behavior – i.e. entering an area closely packed with men and bochurim, the only females around, which shows a total lack of modesty and religious sensitivity.
    3) The girls are not religious – they came with iphones at the ready to film the events they probably planned to incite.
    4) The girls are not religious – they came most likely with an agenda, to provoke the men and bochurim there, and to document it and send it to websites in order to blacken the “black-hats.”
    5) Why is it relevant that they live in Musrara? Musrara is a mixed neighborhood whose population is a mix of: Shuvu Banim; Arabs; secular Jews; a small percentage of “others”
    6) The fact that they returned later just proves that their intentions were far from pure.

    • Shira, are the boys religious chasing after girls in the streets: if these boys were truly offended by these girls’ tsnius standards, they should have made every effort to avert their gaze, not to follow them. And I won’t even mention such things as embarasing another Yid in public, wasting potential learning time on running in the streets, pushing away these possibly troubled Bnos Yisroel away, instead of trying to threat them as you would your troubled sister. There is no halachic isur of carrying an iPhone or a knee long skirt, but there certainly is an isur of sinas Yisroel. Hamalbin pnei chaveiro berabim – ein lo cheilek leolom habo.

      • Completely misguided soul. It is nothing but anti- Torah to own a phone that carries stuff even goyim know are terrible, it is totally anti- Torah to wear tight clothing. The issur of pants for women is because it exposes their legs and when you wear such tight skirts you are no better. and there is no mitzva of ahavas yisrael for someone who dresses in such immodest attire.
        Everyone knows you don’t walk around in Meah Shearim dressed this way and when these girls walked into the neighborhood dressed like shiksas they very well knew that this was coming. Its so cute how you twist the Torah to fit your anti-Torah views.

        • KJ, please point siman in Shulchan Oruch that prohibits smart phones. If you choose to have shmutz on your phone, that not good enough of a reason to prohibit the phones for those of us who don’t share in your aveiros. And can you point out in the Rambam your assertion that “there is no mitsva of Ahavas Yisroel” for those that dress “immodestly”? It is you who is a misguided am hooretz, and possibly an apikoires for making up non existent halachos.

          • Please point siman in Shulchan Aruch that prohibits dying your hair green. If you are so stupid as to think everything has to be written straight out, black and white, on paper for people like you to see than this tells me how smart you really are. Some things are self understood. By the way these girls dress, and the fact that they returned later with a boy on a bike, shows me what “clean” smartphones they held. And every posek I know assured smartphones.
            The fact of the matter is, that these girls dressed “immodestly”, purposely and provocatively came into Meah Shearim, a community that posts signs asking women to respect their standards. They walked into a crowd full of bachurim and men – and like Shira said, they came with an agenda to provoke them, document it and send it around to the world.
            I dont know why you base your entire religion (should i call it judaism?) on one sefer but for a “rasha” there is no mitzva of Ahavas Yisrael. A rasha, to make it clear, is someone who repeatedly transgresses on aveiros on the Torah. And no, these girls were not as “nebbechdig” and “innocent” as you make them out to be. Like I said, they came with an agenda, to provoke the men, and that is just what happened.
            Meah Shearim men are true zealots and this is the way of the Torah. There is the story of a Tana who walked on the street and saw a woman dressed in red clothing, so he slapped her in the face! And then had to pay a fine of 400 zuz, but said it was all worth it. There is the story of Shinever Rav who publicly called out a man, in front of hundreds of chassidim, that his wife dresses immodestly. When the chassid asked “Rebbe, why are you saying this in public?” The rebbe said “if she would be immodest privately, I would tell you privately. But because she is immodest publicly, I tell you in public. Do I need to expound? You somehow apply the message of Ahavas Yisrael to the wrong people, in the wrong place. Being moicheh is a mitzvah.

          • KJ, try to stain your mental capacity and understand that there is a major difference between matters that are not clearly prohibited by CHAZ”L, yet we may choose to obstain from ourselves – i.e. “dying your hair green”, and forcing these upon others. So if you’d like to keep away from smartphones, that’s your right. If you are personally attacking smartphone users, that’s Militant Amoratzus. Besides, these girls were not dressed immodestly, as they wore skirts to their knees and were all covered up. Maybe these girls fashion sense is not to your taste, or maybe staring at them provokes your eitzer hora, that doesn’t give you a right to harass them. Oh, don’t bring a Medrash to a Halacha fight – you are just embarrassing yourself.

          • This conversation is getting more and more pointless because you obviously understand “ZERO” about tznius. There is more to Tznius than covering your knees; if you were tight skirt that is an “IMMODEST” garment. if you think its modest YOU are a serious am haaretz. No, I am not trying to force my dress code onto anyone, but if girls march into my community with a “l’shem yichud”, to provoke others, they deserve what they got. And I am bringing a midrash to this so called Halacha fight because if, in your opinion, these men were acting like animals, I will tell you there were tzaddikim who were acting like “animals” too.

  2. Very sad.
    Is this necessary to post? Does it promote the Ahavas Yisrael that is so seriously lacking? Please, L’maan HaShem, remove this.

    • I agree with you. There is nothing good to be gained by publicizing this. With all the tragedies that took place this week R”L, this is totally inappropriate.

  3. Although I understand the need for standards, unless they were out to provoke and originally i don’t think they were, How is this right? If the boys shouldn’t be looking at them why is following them and taking pictures the correct answer? They should ignore them and walk in the opposite direction.

  4. The chareidim is EY are deteriorating rapidly. This is a big problem. Where are the gedolim to forbid these things from happening?

    • arent you happy? . now theres going to be only apikorsim . no more chareidim.
      let me tell you if theres not going to be chareidim non religious will become exstinct

  5. The girls look like they are from any one of the more modern seminaries.WhAt gives the bochurim the right to follow them and harass them .This generation is so lacking in basic manners and ethics it is really pathetic. they call themselves yeshiva boys.How sad what has become of us?

  6. Shira, a very long stupid post. It is completely irrelevant if the girls are not religious. It is also irrelevant if they are there to provoke. If chareidim can’t behave better than this close the yeshivas.

  7. As someone who lives in Musrara next to Meah Shearim, I can say it is a mixed neighborhood but not with Arabs but with a lot of Sephardim.These girls are dressed modern religious and they think they are dressed modestly – leggings with a skirt above the knee is considered modest in the modern crowd.The biggest problem is that there is nothing for boys to do at night but hang out on the streets , usually without any supervision ,and engage in such despicable behavior and in “hafganot”.We need a community or recreation center to keep them busy.

  8. They were clearly there to instigate, and we’re missing what happened in the minutes/seconds before the video starts. Likely they came to the “protest” and screamed at the guys or tried to counterprotest or whatnot. The video just starts with the boys reacting (I’m not condoning their reaction!!!), but likely omits the key segment beforehand.

    If they “happened to stumble into the protest” they had more than adequate time and opportunity to leave, you can see in the video that they’re purposely loitering, walking slowly, keep stopping and turning around, switching directions – they clearly weren’t trying too hard to get home.

    Lots of people here need to grow up and find something constructive to do, not just one side or the other.

  9. Matzav has taken a drastic turn in their reporting. Is this really what we need now?
    It’s amazing how people right away jump to conclusions. What happened to dan lekaf zechus? Were you there?

  10. Boys. Too muddy to think safe.

    Why didn’t the respectable elders their fathers and community guide this crowd. Does anyone in Mea She’arim have even indoor activity for this bawdry group? We can see the unruly gift is not Torah.

    Feckless feelings for the growing bad moods.

    • Don’t disparage an entire neighborhood because of a few hooligans. The unbelievable good kindliness that goes on there is never reported.

  11. It seems the baying jackals really enjoyed themselves, calling names, throwing things and kicking a couple of mid-teen girls. It was fun, fun, fun to dehumanize their target and go after them in a mob. We may not have a Bais haMikdash, but we still know how to have fun!

    This video is great for Tisha b’Av.

  12. there is an ancient yiddiash expression: vee s’kristalt zich azoi yidelt zich. we dont know who these girls are and why they were in this particular neighborhood. what we do know is that these bochurim are dressed in a way that points to them as chareidim but their behavior makes a mockery of the true chareidim. their parents, rebbeim and rebbes should be ashamed of them

  13. I salute Matzav for bringing this story. These girls are not dressed in tzniyos cloths. Tight cloths and above the knee skirts is not jewish. Unfortunatly here in flatbush,crown heights,five towns and certain elements in Boro park the women dress the same. No men have the guts like those good Jews in meah shearim to speak up.

    • Are you trying to improve the tsnius standards or just to elevate your ego by lowering someone else? Because with these Taliban tactics, the very opposite of making these girls tzniusdik was achieved. Now they might go pritzusdik just to spite, chas vesholom. Hopefully, these girls will understand that these jackals are not Bnei Torah, and that Yidishkeit is beautiful, and Avodas H is not about being miserable and repressed.

  14. a daughter who behaved like what? if you threw her out of the house because she happened to walk on the same street as hooligans dressed as chareidim? then she is well out of your house.

    • If she dressed like a non tznius like these trouble making girls and went looking for trouble in meah shearim then she deserves a good beating. Meah shearim is the true beacon of light in our times of darkness.

  15. Face facts. If you don’t dress like Jewish law then don’t go into Meah shearim. You can’t have it both ways. Either you dress as a Jew is suppose to with 4 inches below the knees,sleeves covering elbows and high collar bone covered. It’s that simple. The open orthodox crowd teaches its girls to wear the wrong cloths but daven mincha. I once had a girl in pants ask me for a siddur for mincha. Forget mincha,dress modestly.


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