Watch: Zvi Gluck On The Opioid Crisis



  1. Why do people put this stuff on National news?!?

    I understand there’s a problem, but why do we need this exposure, or any exposure at all?!?

    Are we trying to show the world “We are just like them”, ch”v? They don’t understand our being the am hanivchar. They don’t and can’t understand our specialness. But this they will grasp on to.

    What are we trying to show them?!? What’s the purpose of this exposure?!?

  2. Ahh ! Relevency my dear!
    They mean well and try to help but ulimatly
    You have no idea how much these people relish the problem if not for that
    Who would even know them?

    • Why are these comments even allowed???!!!
      these are not people who relish the problem. these are people who have dedicated their lives to helping others and publicity helps their cause in so many different ways. amongst them being funding, removing the stigma, helping people to admit to a problem and more.
      please learn to appreciate people who care so much and do so much for the future of klal yisroel.

  3. Don’t get it October 22, 2018 at 9:12 am
    Why do people put this stuff on National news?!?

    tzvi is doing fantastic work! but
    i had the same question. what is tzvi’s goal with this? [maybe funding] hope we will get an answer!

  4. there is nothing ” controversial” about abuse & addiction ; NO ONE IS PRO…rather it is a BURNING QUESTION for which no one has great answers …i have noticed that every org. that started out helping addicts or victims ends up changing direction and focusing on prevention ( mask, yes,priority one, ….) the reason being that once someone is tangled in this yetzer hora oy vavoy as yiddin we have 2 klolim; 1. hatzad hashaveh shebahen SHEDARKAN LEHAZIK ushemirasan olechoh 2. tayves are motzi es haodom min haolam

  5. the reason its on NBC is not because tzvi wants publicity rather it is because many frum philanthropists dont invest heavily in these kind of worthy orgs. for various reasons. so they are dependent on gov & grants to operate. and in order to be put on the top of the list you need to show that you are doing big stuff, which is difficult because of the confidential nature of the business. as an example; when “our place” was desperate for funds and bikur cholim of bp needed a new project to show albany under pataki they made a shidduch it was a win win as a drop in center grant
    when someone is working hard for the klal the least we can do is give him the benefit of the doubt

  6. Um so after all the above דרשות, can someone explain why he’s hanging out our dirty laundry? Why is it important for the WORLD to see that the frum community is not “immune “

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