Watch: Youngsters in CO Return Wallet with $700


HaylieWenke, 13, her little brother and a friend were caught on home surveillance in Colorado doing the right thing – returning a wallet they found on the ground stuffed with $700 in cash to its rightful owner – with the grateful homeowner later tracking them down.

“Their parents should be so proud,” he wrote on Facebook.



    • If they’re Jewish, kindness and compassion are in their genes, and if they’re not Jews, with 1 person’s act of kindness you already restore your faith in mankind?

      • Such a stupid bigoted comment from you! U really think only Jews can be nice??? And btw do not confuse Jews with Judaism. While Judaism is perfect and just, Jews need a big tikkun which is the reason why were still in exile after 2,000 years….

  1. Well, yes. Colorado was also the place where the Columbine High school massacre took place. So maybe this does restore a little faith in the temperament of the goyim.


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