Watch: Yehuda Green Selichos 2018 – Hashivenu


Hundreds of Jews from all Walks of Life Attended Yehuda Green Selichos on Motzei Shabbos September 2 2018 at at West Side Institutional Synagogue.



    • Mr. Cohen,
      I am so sorry that your heart is so calloused that you can’t see the kedusha of hundreds of Yidden from all walks singing “Hasheveinu” , yearning for geula.
      I know exactly the type who feels compelled to say “nebach” to a video like this.
      You are the guy who looks sideways at the yid in the baseball cap at shul, because his hat isn’t black – and you ignore that he is being Moser nefesh for teffila btzibbur.
      You push your child’s rebbe to move faster because who cares about the slower talmidim.
      Bochurim in modern Yeshivos aren’t bochurim in your book —.who Cares that they learn 12 hours a day with hasmodah.
      Girls who don’t conform k’chut hasarah to your takanos aren’t bnos yisroel.
      Basically, anything doesn’t shtim with your outlook, mode of life or personal aspirations is nebach.
      I will have you in mind this Yuntif as I daven for the klipos on your heart to melt away. For you to see the shining brilliance in every yid. For you to see yearning Jews in every fabric shirt and yarmulke.
      I will daven because, nebach, you are the nebach and you don’t realize it.

  1. who ever videoed this did a terrible job. Jumping back and forth so quickly it makes you dizzy. Did you ever hear of “PANNING”??????


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