Watch: Yaakov Lemmer Sings Yossele Rosenblatt’s Elikai Ad Shelo Notzarti


At a concert commemorating 700 years of the Lublin Jewish Community, the Lublin Philharmonic joins forces with Maestro Eli Jaffe and Cantor Yaakov (Yanky) Lemmer. The festival was conceived by a group of Jews formerly from Lublin led by Yossi Dakar and this concert was produced by Yossi Notkowitz of Hallelujah Productions.




  1. Lately it has become common for people to wonder, “why don’t the Charedi newspapers publish pictures of women?” It wasn’t that long ago that people were up in arms that a chasidishe paper had the nerve to photoshop out a picture of Hillary. “What’s so bad about Hillary Clinton”?

    Well… this article is the answer.

    This site never published pictures of women until they started with Hillary. A 69 year old women who is pretty conservative in her dress, so it’s not so bad, right? But that opened the floodgates. First Hillary, then Nikki Haley… who does dress pretty modestly. Then we got Ivanaka, an attractive 30 year old who clearly does not follow what we call “tznius” and seems to enjoy that… Then come the pictures of the two chasidishe woman who have passed in recent months away due to unfortunate circumstances – dressed in a way that is clearly not in line with halacha. (Does that really do their family – or souls – any good?)

    And now this post. We are encouraged to watch a video… with multiple angles of sleeveless women.

    It was just last week’s parsha that says “v’shav m’acharecha”. The Chofetz Chaim explains that when there is a lack of tzinus – Hashems turn away his presence. Guess what example he gives? (See the letter he wrote in the back of Chofetz Chaim al Hatorah). Yup, sleeveless women. And this site tells us to watch just that.

    So maybe there is something to say for gzeiros and gedarim. Maybe we who posses “daas balei batim” aren’t so smart after all. Because it starts with a 70 year old Hillary… and quickly goes down hill.

    • Excellent point +1
      Matzav has fallen for the bait. Even their ads for raising money for the less fortunate, also contains pictures of women, almost every single one. It has gotten out of control.

    • Avi K. –

      Thanks for that comment. You make some good points.

      Of course, another example would be to be more careful in vetting videos like the one here. Perhaps whoever took care of it at Matzav didn’t watch the video at all, or only saw a part which was okay. Maybe they assumed, due to the Hasidishe singer, that it would be okay.

      Personally, I was somewhat baffled by the playing of this piece, the words of which are quite serious and somber, from the Yomim Noraim davening, as entertainment, and for an audience that likely didn’t understand them.

    • People like to open a jewish (hopefully kosher) news site to get their dose of the news arnd the world (jewish, politics…) That doesnt mean that one must get off the internet if the kosher news site is lacking on some tznius guidlines


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