Watch: Will More Gun Laws Stop The Next Mass Shooting?


Renewed calls on Capitol Hill for gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.




  1. isnt there already a law in all 50 states against murder?
    does that law deter mass murderers?
    why should this new gun control legislation deter the killers who dont respect the laws anyways?
    it would only keep the guns away from law abiding citizens

  2. There should be gun control – on liberals and Democrats. The Democrats are violent and dangerous. Congressman Steve Scalise’s shooter was also a Democrat and so are Antifa terorists. Democrats are a danger to the public and should be banned in general – at least their guns removed.

  3. What does gun laws have to do with the shooting in Las Vegas when Paddock, a retired 64 year old man who had no military background and no experience in handling guns and weapons killing and wounding about 600 people and this is nothing but a false flag?
    As I said last week, this clearly has the fingerprints of the Deep State who continue their witch-hunt on Trump, trying to undermine his presidency who is a threat to the globalists. The deep state and shadow government operators most likely first killed their guinea pig Paddock and then went on a shooting spree. Sure enough this is exactly what I found online today:

    Thanks to the US Flag officers and patriots leaking information on a variety of websites, the official lone gunman ISIS radicalized story is now only believed by the dumbest of the dumb!
    Stephen Paddock was a CIA arms pilot in operation Cyclone! He was also involved in Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running program also! Stephen Paddock was also an FBI informant and was killed because of blowback between the CIA and FBI! Paddock was also involved with the Russian mafia! Trump took down the Russian mafia boss Paddock was working with.
    One of the main witnesses to the Las Vegas massacre was killed by the CIA less than 24 hours later just like they’ve killed hundreds of witnesses after 9/11.
    The CIA and FBI ties to the Las Vegas deep state massacre are now confirmed and undeniable!

    • Every word is true. Thank heaven at least one enlightened citizen isn’t drinking the kool aid which was flown in by the black U.N. helicopters.
      Coming soon: Irrefutable proof that Donald Trump is a cyborg whose rust-colored hair is actually rust, Barack Obama is a Plutonian planted on Earth by Mork from Ork, Herff Applewhite is sipping margaritas in a spaceship hidden within Hale-Bopp’s tail, and the Great Gazoo was Babe Ruth’s secret identity.


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