Watch Will Media Admit They Were ‘Dead Wrong’ About Russia?


Ari Fleischer and Jay Sekulow weigh in on ‘Hannity’ after the former FBI director calls out the press during Senate hearing.



  1. No, why should they? They still haven’t apologized for all their lies leading up to Donald Trumps victory. The media is controlled & owned by the corrupt DNC. They must answer to Tom Perez.

  2. It doesn’t make a difference what the media says if they’re not ready to admit the entire truth (which they are well aware of) that the CIA and DNC were behind the Russian scandal, using Dmitri Alperovitch, a CIA hacker agent, with the full support of Obama and all Russian investigations are hogwash to bring Trump down.

  3. Will never need anything because their goal is not the truth their goal is to get that power by any means. My next point is why do we waste so much time discussing who is going to do what when the reality is just wait five minutes and you’ll know
    It sounds like people enjoy having their pinons discussed Even though they r usually worthless

  4. When will Hannity apologize for his completely false made up story about Seth Rich ? When will he apologize for the 8 years of lies when Obama was in office ?

    The media is not controlled and owned by any one organization. Is fox news part of the media ?

    Comey “leaked” memos of private conversations that were not confidential after he was no longer a member of the FBI. It was completely legal .

    That Russia hacked our election is a fact and agreed upon by Democratics and Reuplicans.
    That members of Trumps administration and transitions team met with Russian officials is a fact and agreed upon by Democratics and Reuplicans.

    Do we know for sure that Trump himself won’t be investigated ? No. They probably will get to him. Especially now that there is a special counsel and that he fired that head of the organization looking into the Russians hacking the election.

    • So if Sean Hannity did something wrong, it’s ok for the almost the entire MSM to do something wrong?
      Yes Fox is part of the media, but the vast majority of the media is run by people with a strong leftist bias who have been claiming that Comey would reveal that Trump was colluding with Russia. They were wrong.
      “They probably will get to him” Sorry, that’s just more fairy tale speculation. There is 0 evidence that he colluded with Russia, and if anything Comey’s recollection of their conversation about going after people in his own administration implies he wasn’t afraid of any such evidence turning up.

      • Greg,

        It’s not wrong, it is just incredibly hypocritical. Don’t you think ? When are all the talk show hosts that questioned Obama’s birth certificate going to apologize for the 8 years of pure bigotry?
        It was not the vast majority of the media, it was just CNN . They did issue a retraction.
        Not speculation. They will get to him. He announced that he is willing to go under oath. He will be taken up on that offer(unless he finally actually listens to his lawyers.).

        There is zero evidence – How do you know ? seriously ? Do you work for the FBI ? Or do you listen to people who also don’t know (ie – Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh,Tucker ).

        Comeys recollection that Trump fired him because of the Russian issue implies that Trump is very afraid of the investigation and wants to install his own FBI boss who would be more loyal to him than to the country and truth.


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