Watch: Why Israel Day Paraders and Anti-Zionists Are Really So Close



  1. While the speaker makes a compelling point, but to compare this to the disputes between Hillel & Shammai is just so much pablum. What we are presented with are two absolutely irreconcilable visions for the Jewish people with, unfortunately, no middle ground. And this is a distinction that ALL religious Jews should agree upon, regardless of their view on the legitimacy of statehood. Zionism views the Jewish people as a political entity with an ethnic element, no different than any other nation-state, regardless of religious affiliation, whereas frummies view us as a religious nation, membership to which relies on religious law, regardless of the individual’s politics, state of residence or biology.

    To wit, Israel “imports” population based on genetics, even if that person is an open and practicing xtian and has (allegedly) just one Jewish grandparent (who is male). The Israeli High Court has ruled that a so-called “messianic” Jew is fully Jewish. And while Israel places restrictions on which orthodox conversions in chutz laaretz will be recognized for purposes of aliyah, conversions done by the reform, conservative or reconstructionists ARE accepted.

    No religious Jew — from Satmar to YU and everything in between — would agree that any of the above types are Jewish but to Zionism they are “Jewish enough.” This represnets nothing short of the desire to fully reshape and redefine the Jewish people, something no religious Jew should ever accept.

  2. For the Chanukas haBais of the Ponevezh Yeshiva in B’nei B’rak, Rav Kahaneman z’l invited talmidei chachomim from every segment of Israeli population. R’ Amram Blau asked him point blank as to why Rav Hertzog, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, was in attendance. The answer was classic. Rav Kahaneman, without mincing words, replied – “and what, exactly is the difference between him and yourself? The Mizrachi twists the Torah the way they want, and so do you and the Neturei Karta. What difference does it make which way it’s twisted – to the right, or to the left? Both are equally wrong!”
    (Heard directly from a famous talmid, who was present at the exchange.)

    • Can you please provide source to this? this is very important information not enough to have it posted anonymously

    • Unfortunately, in our day to day lives, we tend to let go and allow our baser instincts to take charge of our (mis)behavior. However, when push comes to shove, we rise above the schmutz and attain the desired level of achdus. We have to work on ourselves to not just act the right way, but to internalize that the right way is the o n l y way.

  3. Not so simple.
    The israeli parade is organized by lefty secular individuals. They allow gays to march. Satmar rally did not have gays or mechalei shabbos groups participating in their event. Now the youngsters in the parade are innocent tinuk shenisbas. Now you can also say Neturei Karta protests are also pro Israel. How many times over the years did israeli agents ask them to intervene on behalf of missing Israeli soldiers or Jews who got lost in Arab areas. There is a lot behind the scenes that Nk does.

    • I don’t believe this for a second

      Name one time the Netruey Karta saved a Israeli soldier or anyone else who got lost in an Arab area.

      It’s not for no reason that Rav Yaakov Kamenstsky referred to them as rodfim

    • The israeli parade is organized by lefty secular individuals. They allow gays to march.

      Lefty secular individuals are usually very hostile to Israel and don’t make parades for it. For years the parade organizers stood up to tremendous pressure and did NOT allow gays to march. Ed Koch (who Satmar never seemed to have an issue with) boycotted the parade every year due to the exclusion of gays.

      I personally would not attended such a parade .But I realize that most of the people who do attend are there out of feelings of Ahavas Yisroel and identification with the fact they are Jewish.

      Rav Mendel Kaplan zt’l whose opinion on Zionism was close to the Neturey Karta (although he opposed their public behavior) once commented about a secular pro Israel fundraising rally “Look at how the Zera Avrohom stands on line to give away their hard earned money for what they believe will benefit Yidden on the other side the world”

      Despite my opposition to Zionism I feel the same about this parade.

  4. Yes we are all close to each other. But that would make it even more obvious to the Creator, when we exclude, from our empathy, people who were born to a non-Jewish mother.
    It’s like when there are 5 kids in a class who are very close knit to each other, but don’t have any caring about anyone else; the closer they are to each other the more angry the Principal would get why they don’t care for the rest of the class, until he might CH”V bring a Holocaust on these 5 kids.

    • I’m sorry but that’s not how Judaism works. If the person was born to a non-jewish mother then he/she is not Jewish. Not half Jewish, nothing. A complete non-Jew.
      Now that person can convert, and if the person is sincere, they can join the fold. But Judaism doesn’t cater to those who arouse sympathy.

  5. This would be very nice except that I believe it is a bit naive and unfortunately not true. On the “Satmar Headquarters” twitter account, in announcing this event (I have a screenshot of it), stated as follows, and I quote: “#happenningNoW: While #Zionists (Basically nonreligious Jews and non-Jews) are in #NY #togetheronfisfth to #CelebrateIsrael, 20,000 #Jews of NY fill the seats and floors at the Mega Convention against Zionism at the #NassauColiseum in LOng Island!!”

  6. Brings back memories of the great Islander team back in the 80’s. 4 straight Stanley Cups is nisht ah kleynerkeit.


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