Watch: Why Did Coroner Refuse To Release Vegas Shooter’s Autopsy?


Coroner releases autopsy reports of 58 victims from Las Vegas shooting, but not shooter Stephen Paddock. Forensic pathologist Michael Baden weighs in.




  1. This was clearly a pushback and set-up by Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey to get back at the Republicans. They knew that this concert was mostly those evil white racist deplorable Republicans, so it was the perfect venue to teach them a lesson. CBS has confirmed that. Yes, the democrat party has always resorted to violence when they don’t get their way.

    • How has CBS comfirmed that? Because one of their executives tweeted that she didn’t feel bad if Republicans were killed in the massacre? Come one, stop with the conspiracy theories.
      This was an act carried out by a psychopath, son of another psychopath. Yes, Democrats can be voilent, as we saw by the attack on the Republican baseball game. But this one has nothing to do with that.

      • You don’t need more than a bit of logic – if you have that – to understand that no human being can kill and main almost 700 people in about 4 minutes and then have the clarity of mind to kill himself afterwords, especially since he had no experience in the army. “Conspiracy Theories”, huh?

        When will you wake up and realize that mainstream media is shoving down your naive throat baloneys and macaronis and everything that doesn’t add up to their official Mainstream Media phony stories brainwashing the gullible public or concealing from the public is deemed “Conspiracy Theories”?

        • Not sure what you mean about “clarity of mind” to kill himself, that is actually quite typical of a pshychopath.
          Shooting actually lasted 10 minutes, enough time to fire thousands of rounds (remember, he had bump stocks) into a packed crowd. No big deal to hit that many people, he didn’t need to aim at anything specific, just point the gun into the crowd.
          But my advice to you- keep reading whatever websites you’ve been reading, but more important, keep drinking whatever you’ve been drinking!

          • Perhaps. Please explain then, what took so long for the police to show up? Why didn’t they enter the hotel? They knew what room it was coming from. Why didn’t these trained police, go directly there? When finally an employee from the hotel did approach the room, why has he dissapeared completely?

          • @ Answer the Facts: what do you mean that the police knew which room the shooter was in? As the bullets were flying in the night, the police were able to simply look up and magically guess where the firing was coming from? Look back at the massacre of the police offciers in Dallas- shooter was only 3 stories up, not 30, and still wasn’t easy to find him.
            And what exactly is it that you believe- that the entire Las Vegas Police Department is part of the conspiracy? That all the investigators are all part of it too, and none of them would leak the “facts?” Or maybe you believe that the whole thing is made up, a “false flag,” like you find on all the neo-Nazi websites after every mass shooting (and it’s of course always the Jews who are behind it)?

    • Don’t know about the Crooked Hillary and her minions, but is it possible that the shooting was inspired by the islamonazism, and the gubmit is trying to prevent another PR fiasco for the “religion of peace”? Perhaps there were even other shooters. If the gubmit has nothing to hide, then release all the facts.


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